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v4c79 The Lost Name (3)

It was as if a wind had risen in the forest in the latter half of the night, like the mythical wolves running at dusk, whistling through the canopy of trees, rattling, and attracting wind and rain. Peya had long been used to huddling alone in the shadows of her tent, and after the dramatic change, she could not fall asleep easily.

She saw her brother, covered in blood, walking ahead of her, followed by an indistinct shadow…

Half asleep, the glow of the flickering candles suddenly died out. Only a nobleman could afford the luxury of lighting expensive tallow candles in every tent. But the light suddenly disappeared and the darkness seemed to stretch further.

The four walls of the tent were engulfed in thick blackness, and there seemed to be light again in the distance. The female hunter blinked her somewhat heavy eyelids and saw that she was in the midst of a forest of shadows. When she heard the distant singing, she could not help but look up and see a line of fluorescent ghosts in white robes walking slowly through the forest.

Some of those ghosts were dressed in long robes, some rode horses, some held spears, and some carried swallowtail flags, each with a clearly visible face. Some seemed as if she recognized them, but felt unfamiliar at the same time, and suddenly she saw a short figure walking in the middle of the group, his head bowed, and it was her brother Yaruta.

“Yaruta!” Peya could not help but scream.

Her mind was no longer concerned with anything else and she immediately ran in that direction. But the forest grew thicker and thicker, and the giant roots seemed to grow, tripping her up at once. She looked up, desperate to see her brother’s back moving further and further away.


“Peya.” A firm voice came from beyond the dreamscape.

The female hunter felt as if someone had grabbed her hand, and the landscape around her receded rapidly, warm light seeping into this darkness from all sides. She snapped her eyes open and found herself standing in the middle of the camp, covered in cold sweat and her face as pale as a sheet.

Brendel was standing right in front of her, grabbing her arm, with the campfire in front of her. Peya leaned forward slightly as if she was about to run headlong into the fire.

“What happened to you?” Brendel frowned as he and Medissa saw the hunter maiden look zoned out as she burst out of the tent and dashed headfirst into the campfire without a second thought. If it had not been for his quick hands and eyes, she would have been badly burned by now.

But he realized now that she seemed to be sleepwalking.

“Another nightmare?” The hunter maiden woke up every night, clearly known by Brendel, who had to keep a short period of night watch every day.

Peya stared at him dumbfounded as if she had not realized it yet. Her hair was scattered against her completely soaked forehead, and her dark brown eyes were glistening with tears as

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