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In fact, after leaving Ampere Seale, the task of achieving Elemental Activation had moved up on Brendel’s agenda.

This was because all of his Experience bars had been locked to grey since he entered the Elemental Awakening phase. Such a state in Amber Sword meant the player had to unlock the Elemental Activation quest before he could level up further.

But that was just one reason.

In reality, he had been led here primarily because of information received from Laurenna. The Stained Frost Forest Labyrinth was extremely famous in Aouine in the past, both for the Labyrinth itself and the famous Winter Dragon within it.

This copy was one of the rare legendary copies in Aouine, and the legendary copies themselves were those that allowed guild-level teams of a hundred people to enter. Such a copy was the only one that every civilized region outside of the Black Forest had until the third major update was released, and clearing it represented almost the highest level honor and challenge a team could win in the early era that Brendel remembered – the difficulty of the copy was therefore obvious.

While Brendel had anticipated going to meet the ‘Young Dragon of the Falling Needle Hills Avenue’, he had not expected the opportunity to descend upon him so soon. To be honest, if it was not for the fear that Arreck would get the Heart of the Dragon before he did, he would not have wanted to enter the Stained Frost Forest Labyrinth so early.

The Stained Frost Forest Labyrinth itself was a Black Forest, one located inside lands claimed by civilization, and it was close to the highest-ranked kind – the Land of the Tilting Law, or the ‘Twilight Scars’, similar to the opposed order of existence like the Holy Saint’s Legacy and Goblin’s Country.

As an Aouine player, Brendel was naturally incredibly familiar with this copy. The Stained Frost Forest Labyrinth was created in the era of the Twilight War. After the fall of the Ebabel Tower, Milos the Frostweaver fled south with the Miirna, and after seven days and seven nights of pursuit, Chief Warg Hati caught up with the God of the Giants on the border of the Winter Kingdom. A terrifying battle erupted ensued.

It was written in the Pale Poem that when Warg Hati bit down on Milos’ neck, the God of the Giants was torn apart. His body blew up in a star-filled explosion, his remnants falling to the ground in three directions: east, north, and south. The place where the giant ‘stars’ fell immediately burst into flames, but the flames were not blazing hot like most fires. Instead, they were ice flames.

Legend has it that a fragment of the God of the Giants, Milos, fell southward and landed in present-day Viero, creating the ever-frozen Black Forest. Even in the heart of Marsha’s Blessed Land, it had not been assimilated despite centuries passing. In the game, the Stained Frost Forest Labyrinth was the source of almost all the monsters and player quests in Viero.

Although Brendel had ma

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