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“O-of course,” Haruz stuttered.

“Thank you.” The little girl thanked him, lifted her dress gracefully, and sat down beside the future King of Aouine.

But Haruz had little self-consciousness as the crown prince, his face was blushing almost as red as a ripe apple, not knowing what to do. He wanted to sit closer to the little girl, but he was afraid that it might upset her.

Brendel shook his head at the sight of it, the young prince was not behaving like a member of the royal family, he probably could not even be compared to an ordinary nobleman’s son.How exactly did Oberwei and his sister educate him……”

But then he thought of an interesting question,if Haruz happens to like this little girl, what about the future of Eikkel and Youla’s daughter, Ellara?

Will that change history?

Thinking of this he could not help but narrow his eyes to stare at that little girl, and to be honest, he had a good impression of her. In this era of Aouine, most commoner’s daughters would not be as elegant and poised, while most children of noble families were domineering and had long forgotten the manners of their ancestors.

In Brendel’s mind, Faina was a typical example. But it was good that the girl was not bad in nature and did not cause him too much trouble. Instead, it was the other ……

He felt a headache when he thought of that prime minister’s daughter.

But while he was thinking nonsensically, he suddenly heard Laurenna ask with some concern, “Little girl, what’s your name?”

The little girl looked up at the female knight and replied in a soft voice, “Originally mother said that names are not to be told to random strangers. But I know you’re a good person, so I can tell you in secret-“

Then she leaned over and whispered into Laurenna’s ear, “My name is Mikaila.”

Although she was whispering, at least half of the people present heard them clearly. Apart from the young prince and Ciel who had his strength reduced greatly, Medissa, Hipamila, Brendel, Freya, Scarlet, Maynild, and Filas all heard it clearly. After all, as existences with strength above silver, their perceptions were sharp enough to hear the whispered words of a little girl, in fact, very easily.

But of course, the mountain girl and Freya would not say anything, and Filas’ did not care much that he was salivating at the jar of honey next to Brendel.

Out of the four, only Brendel raised his eyebrows slightly.


The name sounded so familiar to him.

It alerted him instantly, and now he was extremely keen on such a feeling.

Because in the past, there were so many records about backgrounds, histories, and information in the game that everyone couldn’t be omniscient, but most of the names and events with a certain level of popularity would more or less leave a trace in the player’s heart.

The more profound such a trace was, the more important that event was. Whereas meeting an event like the Black Rose War, which was so ingra

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