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The power of the Dragon of War!

Malourcha seemed to sense the change in Brendel. Some instinctive sense for danger made it more cautious and it struck an attack pose again. It lowered its head and pawed at the ground with its hooves. A cloud of white steam came out of its nose. Then its back hooves kicked at the ground hard and it darted forward like a loosened arrow. Suddenly, it vanished from everyone’s sight, as if disappearing into thin air.

But Brendel was an exception. He reached both hands forward — bang! The world seemed to freeze and Malourcha crashed head-first into Brendel’s hands. It stopped as if it hit a wall. With a loud bursting sound, its explosive gusts expanded the air and whipped up Brendel’s clothes as well as his fringe as it blew past him.

Brendel had to slide backwards a few steps before the energy fully released, but at least it wasn’t a one-sided beating anymore. He can fight this! His hands went from blocking to grasping and grabbed the other’s horn.

“Did you think I could only swing a sword?” Brendel bared his white teeth and twisted his hands. With a loud yell, he threw Malourcha into the ground.


The seemingly undefeatable demonized Crystal Stag crashed onto the snow-covered ground like a meteorite, accompanied by the fairy girl’s screams. Snow flew into the air as its figure dragged a deep gash into the ground, revealing the ashen dirt of a land exhausted of its magic.

It let out a shout of pain and paddled its four hooves as it struggled to right itself. Its neck turned in Brendel’s direction and it slashed its long horns. Three overlapping half-transparent waves flew across the dozen meters of space between them towards Brendel.

Horn Scythe, one of the Crystal Stag’s basic attacks. But the default was a single air blade made of compressed air; after demonization, the attack has evolved to a triple strike. This kind of attack was the nemesis of shield knights and only the best knight players could counter it. But to Brendel, the attack wasn’t even worth mentioning.

He backflipped and let the three air blade attacks fall upon the ground, leaving behind three gashes each about a meter long and half a meter deep. Brendel fell next to Halran Gaia embedded in the snow. He grabbed the Staff of Earth and yanked it from the ground.

As its first strike hadn’t hit, Malourcha the stag reared the front half of its body so that its front hooves left the ground.


Brendel saw the strike and wanted to kill something. This was one of the must-have attacks for a heavyweight ungulate monster. But the Crystal Stag didn’t count as a heavyweight ungulate on Warndt; at the most it would be considered big. This should not be one of its attacks but clearly, it got added on because of the demonization process.

Regardless of what Brendel felt, Malourcha stomped both of its front hooves down. With a loud rumble, Brendel saw the ground underneath Malourcha’s hooves sink dow

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