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Chapter 749 Eternity(26)

How can the three sword moves that are clearly unrelated merge together? Brendel thought of his grandfather at that moment, as facing Seibers gave him the almost same feeling of facing that old man. The fear of facing that old man was because his grandfather had the understanding of sword art beyond human, while Seibers made Brendel feel a fear of death. Seibers’ sword art was murderous.

Brendel subconsciously loosened his grip on the hilt of the sword in his hand, as overly tight muscles were not conducive to swordplay, but what can he do? The three sword moves were as fast as lightning that it was impossible for him to keep up with the rhythm if he did not tense his muscles. He still felt the muscles of his wrist and forearms sore and aching, his muscles’ usage was almost beyond its limit with just that momentary outburst of energy.

That was when Sanorso’s voice came in “That doesn’t mean anything, no one goes all out in their first attack, little guy, don’t think I don’t know what you’re up to. If Seibers uses the Power of the Laws, I’m afraid you’ll have to use the Godslayer Cone, but I have to remind you that although magic items that can imprison Elemental powers are rare, it was not unheard of in our time. Seibers is not a fool, you be careful, his level of power usage is far more higher than the Williams you have met.”

Comparing Williams and Seibers, was indeed describing the difference between a dull star and the light of the bright moon, but Brendel was not a country bumpkin who had not seen the world, he himself had reached the level of a Perfect Body, he knew very well what kind of realm that was. But Sanorso’s words dispelled at least one of his thoughts. For the existence of a Perfect Body, using the Godslayer Cone was indeed not necessary. When they use their power, it would just be a flash moment when the Ultimate Plains and Lines of Laws would shine up like a net, but at his current level, he could not seize that opportunity at all.

Seibers did not immediately launch a third attack, which gave Brendel a chance to catch a breather. He felt Sanorso look at him with a somewhat strange gaze, “But he seems to want me to show him the heritage of the Darkness Dragon, I feel that this guy has another intention, otherwise I would not have even made it through these three sword moves, it’s just too scary……”

“You are wrong to think so, Brendel, Seibers will definitely go all out, even if you are really Odin’s heir, it makes no difference to him, as long as he makes a move, it must determine life and death. He did not hold back even the slightest during the previous attack, if you were a little slower to react, you would have long become a frozen corpse.” Sanorso paused for a moment, “Perhaps your hunch is true but you should also face this battle with the mindset of really facing a life and death struggle, Odin will not need a cowardly successor, you should understand this.”

Brendel nod

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