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Chapter 765 v4c139

Beware, Traps!

Traces of artificial carvings were immersed in the darkness. Rows of columns had extended forward and backwards at equal intervals. Peering upwards through the narrow gaps between the cliff walls, the columns seemed shortened and overlapping at the far end of the field of view; together, the smooth wall looked as if it was paved with obsidian. However, its surface was covered with a lattice network to transmit energy. This looked like the one Brando had seen in the Valhalla underground. This was no different from the properties of Milo’s remains that were scattered in the glaciers.

Truthfully, similar material could be found readily in several historical sites within Vaunte. The only knowledge enthusiasts shared in common was that they had come from the previous era.

This indeed looked like a long corridor, perhaps it could be referred to as so in the previous era. But now, only half of the corridor remained. No one knew what disaster had befallen it for the corridor to be cut in the middle. There was only a bottomless abyss awaiting it on the other end. The long corridor was built on the cliff while its structure winded to the ground.

In the game, this was the Frozen Corridor.

A group of people were slowly passing through the half corridor from the last era, and possibly even way before the chaotic era.

Among them was a blonde, who was tugging along a short and stout boy to lead the advance. They were Aloz and Shitah. Following closely behind them were Brando and Veronica, while the female scholar was tailed behind the female squad leader. Once the ice-covered route had become increasingly dangerous, she was no longer asking Brando any weird questions. Everyone could not afford to be careless, keeping a distance of one person behind every three people. Carrying a piece of baggage that was higher than her being, Scarlet was silent. She merely hung her head low while her red long ponytail swayed with her footsteps occasionally. Honestly, there was no need for her to go through such trouble. At Brando’s request, the Buga Craft Mage had already cast illusion magic on the Azure Lance. Practitioners of the Secret Realm Law among the Buga folks had dedicated their lives to studying illusion magic. They were known as the Guardians of the silver holy wall; they were the best Dreamcasters in the Amber Sword. One would require to be two ranks superior to their existence to see the flaws in their illusion.

The caster this time was the leader of the Practitioners of the Secret Realm Law, the Head Mage of the Silver League—- Roan. His capabilities were comparable to William and were at least two levels superior to him in the field of spells. Aside from the saint of Eleranta, perhaps there were no such entities to exist in this world.

Brando was naturally not afraid that Eleranta would come forward to Aouine to expose his plan.

Right behind was the little prince. The future king of Aou

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