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Chapter 725 v4c101 Eternity (2)

“Knight Brund, do you see that crack to the west, you lead the eighth echelon to go around and behind that and close in on that cavalry from the side.” Freya suddenly looked back at a broken glacier to the west and said to Brund beside her. The shattered glacier undulated across the entire snowfield, refracting the afternoon sunlight, glittering beneath the ice. Brund looked in that direction, finding it somewhat incomprehensible: “Why it’s impossible to catch up from that direction.”

“Yes, Knight Brund, your task is to make force them to change direction and make those Halflings flee to the north, preferably to the northeast.” Freya replied.

“What’s to the east?” Brund mentally froze and subconsciously looked in that direction, but in his field of vision, the east was the same endless glacier as the north – the edge of the glacier shone under the clear sky as if it were the edge of a mirror, blinding his eyes. He could not help but squint his eyes, with a little suspicion.

“Brund, it’s the wind.” Little Pero on his horse seemed to come back to his sense, “The wind, the wind is blowing from the northwest.”

No one present was a fool. Brund immediately understood, he watched the ice and dust blown by the wind on the glacier slowly traveled in their direction. He could not help but was extremely amazed for a moment: the wind was blowing from the northwest, meaning that direction could be a mountain pass, while the north and east were highly likely to be the direction of the mountain pass. These things were not learned in the tactics class of the nobles, and could only be considered common sense. But to be able to keenly perceive and use this to make a judgment at this time was not something that everyone can think of.

“The guy in front probably sensed this early on, I don’t think the opposing commander fled in this direction to put his fate into the hands of Lord Marsha,” Little Pero further analyzed, and he looked at Freya with some admiration, his voice getting interrupted by the wind: ” We sealed his retreat, and they will not sit still. Lady Freya, you are trying to force them to turn back and fight us to death, right?”

The young lady was slightly stunned as she had yet to think about that, but she had a vague intuition that if she did so the other party may turn back. But as a commander, she had at least learned how to maintain her majesty and nodded gently.

“I understand.” Brund nodded his head with some excitement. No one wanted to follow the command of a loser, especially for them, mere mediocrity was intolerable. But with the thought of a perfect victory coming soon, these young men from Kirrlutz could not help but feel excited. To be precise, this was their first-ever battle.

Across the glacier, the Kirrlutzian knights and Aloz managed to suppress the Halflings together. The Enkhor cavalry under Arreck was stranded on the ice with hardly being able to show any signs of r

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