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Chapter 733 Eternity (10)

“Commander, we have gone forward for almost two miles, and the mountain used as a landmark has long been out of sight behind us, with such a heavy blizzard, I’m afraid we’ll get lost ourselves if we go on ……” the knight of Kirrlutz patted the snow on his breastplate and looked with some concern at the blanket of snow drifting across the sky. The bitter cold wind was pushing the snowflakes, driving them across the sky, this blizzard came out of nowhere and gave no one time to prepare. The knight looked at the bad weather with some concern and offered his opinion to the lady knight in front of him.

Freya stopped and released a puff of air into her hand. Her face was frozen red and her eyebrows were covered in frost. But Freya blinked and replied, “No, let’s go forward another five hundred meters, they must not run far with their wounds.”

“Freya, if they were wounded, we would have caught up to them long ago, no one can run too far in this weather.” Maynild’s voice sounded from behind. Everyone looked back, the lady knight was as calm as ever, while reminding in a calm tone, “There is something fishy here, did you forget what Brendel and the others said?”

“But that could be an illusion above the ice field, the sunlight refraction, or the snowy shadow of the crystal forest, all of those could produce a similar illusion-”

“He said he saw wolves, do you understand what that means?” Maynild interrupted her, “This storm was brought on by wolves, which is not a good sign, the Miirnas fear and respect wolves because they are part of the twilight and represent doom and the destruction of the world.”

“But …… didn’t everyone else see it?” Freya was not so sure either, she looked at the depths of the white snow, always feeling that there was a pair of pale eyes behind the shadow of snow watching them. The others felt the same, they always felt that this glacier was malicious to people, a feeling that someone might come up behind you without a sound. A chill went down everyone’s spine.

The whistling sound of the wind is like an endless mournful wail.

Maynild paused for a moment, her voice dropped as if it was frozen into ice. She looked coldly at the others, “There is no impossibility in the Black Forest, everything is possible, and if you have a feeling that something bad is going to happen, then it is bound to get worse.”

The Knights of Kirrlutz had certainly heard of this proverb and certainly felt their scalps tingle. Freya also hesitated. It was at this moment that a man suddenly stumbled out of the wind and snow in the distance. That man was the second group of scouts sent out not long ago, and their mission was to find the first group of scouts sent out half an hour earlier, but Freya’s heart sank slightly when she saw the look on this man’s face.

“Little Pero, Alea, Lord Commander…… Emerald, Anika, and the others……”

“What’s going on?”

“You shut up, Alea, let the Commander ask th

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