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By the time Brendel and Maynild returned to their campground, it was early morning. The dawn was breaking and the stars were fading. The horizon line turned a pale shade of whtie. A line of gold appeared on the surface of the lake and the first strand of morning light emerged from under the lake.

As the two walked out from the forest, they heard a cry of joy. “Maynild, Brendel!”

Brendel raised his head when he heard the voice. Freya sat on a tall rock, bathed in the morning light. She saw them first. She had both hands around her knees and only rubbed her reddened eyes when she caught sight of them. She looked like she hadn’t slept a wink the night before, but her worried face finally relaxed.

He smiled slightly though his mind was clearly still trying to process everything that happened the night before. But he felt a sense of warm familiarity when he caught sight of the girl from Bucce.

“Your turn to stand guard again?”

Freya jumped down from the rock with an unnatural expression on her face. She was too embarrassed to say it was because she was worried. She nodded and made a sound of agreement, but that didn’t fool Maynild who gave her a look.

The young girl’s face reddened and she looked around Brendel. “Were you successful?

Everyone knew that Brendel and Maynild went into the forest to hunt the Crystal Stag. Though the majority of them hadn’t even heard of the existence of the Crystal Stag, she was still curious about the fact that he had returned empty-handed.

To Freya, there was nothing that Brendel couldn’t do. In her mind, he was the one who randomly set up a back-up militia in Bucce and also the nobleman who led everyone to victory despite all the hardships. After that, he became the leader of Trentheim and helped her royal highness defeat Duke Arrak and Duke Seifer.

Now he stood before her as Count Trentheim. He had already become someone with power in Aouine. Even Sir Makarov or Baron Oberwei, the men who had seemed so unapproachable to her before, didn’t dare call themselves superior in front of him.

The princess trusted him and there were rumors swirling about outside that he was a new noble in the kingdom, a future force of power. But Brendel never acted pretentiously in front of her and made her feel like the distance between them wasn’t so great.

But she still wasn’t satisfied — didn’t this guy know he was already a count? In her mind, a count should be serious and unsmiling. So when she saw him act so casually, she couldn’t help but get angry. But she immediately softened and comforted, “Don’t worry. I think there’s still a chance — I, I looked at the map and it’ll take us a couple more days to get through Anserra Forest.”

Brendel saw the future Lady War Goddess lose her ability to speak in front of and couldn’t help but laugh. “What are you thinking? Did I tell you that we weren’t successful?”

“Ah?” Freya was immediately stunned into silence.

Brendel especially enjoyed s

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