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v4c70p2 A New Member Enters The Fray!

The female priest, adorned in a white flaxen priest robe, took two steps forward in her bare feet. She picked up the oak staff in her hands and lightly tapped twice on the ground. A green-gray tinted wall of light whooshed up between the demonic spirits and everyone else.

“Master Planeswalker, I can only maintain this wall for 5 seconds.” Pahimila reminded him, “I wish I had more of my powers, but I can only maintain it as a three ring level spell.”

“That’s enough, but it’s too far away.” Brendel answered and then immediately said to the others, “Shield of Rock can block any non-physical attack, But creatures of order can pass freely through this wall – everyone cross through it immediately and attack the outermost circle of demonic spirits. Just do some damage, no killing. Pahimla, prepare for the next round of walls. Keep it between us and the demonic spirits again.”

The moment he fell silent, the demonic spirits’ next round of spells struck the Shield of Rock, as if to prove him right. The black flames exploded against the wall of light and turned into balls of dazzling light.

Maynild, Laurenna, and the others already understood Brendel’s tactic. As soon as their opponents’ spells ended, they immediately crossed through the green wall of light and cut into the demonic spirits formation. But this time the female knight from Kirrlutz learned her lesson. Most of the time, she would slice off a demonic spirits’ arm with a single swing of her sword and then use a wind blade to blow it away.

The guards followed closely behind and copied her actions. Technically, the demonic spirits were more powerful than these knights. But since Pahimila’s Shield of Rock was practically pressed up against these demonic spirits, as soon as the knights burst through the wall of light, they were within striking range of the demonic spirits.

Without the ability to strike from afar, the demonic spirits’ close combat abilities were laughably weak and didn’t stand a chance against expert fighters of the Platinum Rank. Oftentimes the knights Brendel brought along would force them back with a single strike; what frustrated Brendel was that the knights weren’t as precise as Laurenna or Maynild. The occasional ring of black light exploded in the forest and everyone’s power decreased again and again.

“Unfortunately geniuses like Laurenna or Maynild are too few and too far in between. Had I known, I would have kept Bennett.” Brendel had to shake his head. He had one hand on the pommel of his sword and was prepared to enter the fray the moment the frontline couldn’t sustain itself.

But miraculously, once the guards’ powers decreased drastically, the demonic spirits became harder to kill. All of a sudden, the fight became easier.

Upon seeing this, Brendel let out a small sigh of relief.

The pale white humanoid figures let out silent screams of vexation while they retreated. But oftentimes they wou

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