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v4c78 The Lost Name (2)

The ruins immersed in darkness took on a peculiar blue-gray color under the light emanating from the gems, a color unique to basalt. Of the many peoples of Vaunte, only the Miirnas preferred this particular igneous rock for their majestic structures. The ruins stood still in the woodlands, guard knights passing through the forest of basalt pillars and dragging the carcasses of huge pine bears with ropes pierced through its ribs to the center of the camp located right in the middle of the ruins.

A pile of carcasses piled up like a hill.

The team had encountered these uninvited guests half an hour before. Pine bears belonged to a class of dinosaurs, which the Kirrlutzians called violent animals. They belonged to the category of creatures between demons and animals, unlike demons whose magic power would vanish after death, leaving only crystals, they became the best food reserves for Brendel’s party.

They had pretty good luck, and after entering the Eternal Night Forest, there were hardly any live animals to be seen, except for occasionally lost critters. This group of pine bears should be from the northern part of Lantonilan. They had wandered into the forest and attacked Brendel and his group because of the dark magic.

Brendel knew that the pine bears were gentle carnivorous beasts, and usually, they only hunted large herbivorous animals. Usually, they would only hunt large herbivores, such as the deer on the north shore of Crystal Lake, or a hippo-sized herbivore called a slave cow. But they rarely attacked humans.

The pine bear’s fur is rolled up and tossed aside, and Peya took it upon herself to do the work, a task the young hunter girl knew all too well. Peya made a slit in the spine with the skinning knife and turned it over, the hunter’s skinning knife that had been handed down from generation to generation had a curved edge and a long, thin blade like a silver ruler. She made the incision up to the tailbone and then spread it out to the sides, and in ten minutes she had a complete skin off.

Brendel looked back after a while, and in his hand, he held a clear, bright yellow amber-like crystal, which was the magic crystal left behind by the Dusk Hound. It was larger than the black wolves’ and contained more magical power, but there was no satisfaction on Brendel’s face as he stared at a messy lair not far in front of him where several sharp white rocks were intertwined.

This was supposed to be the Dusk Hound’s lair, but now all that was left were the ruins after it had been destroyed.

Someone had gotten to it first, not sure if it was Arreck or the KIrrlutzians. In the distance, Maynild came over with Freya stepping on scattered rocks one foot at a time, and the female knight shook her head at him as she approached, “I didn’t find any valuable clues, they didn’t camp here but have left to the north after destroying this lair. There are signs of a battle nearby, but not on a large sc

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