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Long Road, Fragments of the Past (5)

This is the same information that Brendel has learned: “What about the others, will they bother us? I can’t trust those mercenaries out there.”This is the same information that Brendel has learned: “What about the others, will they bother us? I can’t trust those mercenaries out there.”

“My Lord, you can be rest assured of that, there are very few people heading north to the forest, most of the mercenaries passing through here are actually heading to Lantonilan.”

Brendel nodded, at least the guy had not lied so far, he narrowed his eyes and asked, “What about merchants, shouldn’t there be fur traders going into the forest this time of the year to collect goods from the hunters? Wouldn’t they hire mercenaries to get in?”

“Your Lordship knows in such detail.” The innkeeper had a few more fine beads of sweat on his balding head: “But there are only a few people at this time of year, which is not worth worrying about. Besides, most of them are law-abiding merchants.”

Merchants who keep their duty. If there were still any law-abiding merchants right now, Brendel reckoned that the only one besides himself was Romaine. Most of the people walking around Aouine’s territory were armed merchants, and these merchants would have more or less dirty hands.

But he did not mention it, instead, he just replied, “I know, but I don’t want to listen to your estimations. Just tell me what merchants have entered the forest recently and how I’m going to avoid them.”

He paused for a moment: “And get me a record of the merchant ships that have recently entered and left the port. I know there will be records of these at your inn.”

“Understood,” the innkeeper wiped the oil on his balding head and replied in a sweaty manner, “I understand my Lord, I’ll bring them to you right away.”


Brendel had apparently succeeded in convincing the innkeeper that they were a group of aristocratic children out hunting rare prey, ‘white stags’. With this kind of knowledge, there was naturally nothing to lose when doing things. But in less than half an hour, he had asked him about most of the things that had happened in Shallow Water Town, and the surrounding area, in the recent past.

Their matters ranged from trivial matters like a neighborhood conflict, to what ships had left the port in the recent past, and he was asked about everything.

And unsurprisingly in an inn where the population density was high and information flow was abundant, the unattractive looking innkeeper had information that made both Filas and Laurenna widen their eyes; but Brendel just found it humorous. Seems like only newbies can fall for baseless rumors like these.

He asked for the notebook coated in a layer of oil and grime. In this era, the literacy rate was not high, so each innkeeper used their own respective methods to keep note of important details. While he may not be familiar with the methods used in places

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