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“What’s going on?” Brendel pursed his lips and grabbed at Maynild, who wanted to step forward. He suddenly calmed down and a thought crossed his mind. He said in a quiet voice, “Hold on. Ice fairies are notorious cowards and are known for avoiding battle. At the most, they’d use spells to play tricks on adventurers from afar… something strange is happening.”

The female knight twisted herself slightly and took a step forward just as Brendel was saying so. As her foot crunched the snow, she had to stop. She raised her head and looked suspiciously at the young fairy girl on the ground.

“Li-li-liar!” The fairy girl grimaced in pain but used her tiny hand to cover her swollen cheek. She jumped up as she muttered, “We’re not cowards! We’d fight to the death to protect our home too!”

“Protect your home?” Brendel sensed something in the air and squinted. He lightly tapped Halran Gaia in his hand against the ground. “Little one, you seem to be hiding some secret –”

“I will never tell you!”

“You didn’t say no but said you won’t tell me. This means that there must be –”

“You…” The little fairy was furious. She put her hands forward and shouted, “I am the daughter of the north wind, the Slumbering Dragon Callarellis!” Seven giant circular arrays radiated out from the center of her palm. An ice pillar jabbed out from the middle of the array, accompanied by a low roar like that of a beast’s. It turned directions in the middle of the air and aimed itself at Brendel.

Seven ring ice elemental spell.

The Slumbering Dragon Callarellis was the famous king of the ice dragons. A spell named after it was, clearly, not going to be simple, but Brendel didn’t bat an eyelash. He stood still until the second before the ice dragon stuck him. Then he raised his left hand, grabbed the head of the dragon, and then yanked until the spell fractured.

“Ah–” The fairy girl watched dumbfounded at the ice shards dancing through the air. Her jaw dropped involuntarily; she probably never imagined that someone could, with just their bare hands, break a spell down to its most basic state. This practically went against everything she knew.


“Your spell has no effect on me, little guy.” Brendel rubbed his left hand so that the ice particles turned into snow and fell down.

“Okay, I’ve let you attack once. As a courtesy, now it’s your turn to answer my questions — let me ask you, what’s happening with the magic falling silent in this forest?”

But the fairy girl’s face immediately paled. She stared at Brendel as if scared dumb, “You… how did you know?”

Her expression made Maynild shake her head from her position beside Brendel. What an idiot.

“Alright, I also know that the Master Malourcha you speak of is the guardian of the forest. He’s the Crystal Stag of the Holy Seal Valley, right?” Brendel asked as he stared at the fair girl. Then he suddenly frowned and glanced around.

Right at that second, he thought he felt somethi

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