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Chapter 748 Eternity(25)

The detainer Fingus’ narrow, fishy red sword body brought up the residual light like a red line constantly changing trajectory, and could not even see the Miirna’s lord lending a hand on the ground, he suddenly left the ground, the whole body was like a cannonball shot towards Brendel. How long was that moment? It was as if Brendel opened his lungs to complete a breath, but before his chest cavity could

The pale, indifferent, wrinkled, and eyes burning with the fire of the soul of the face of Seibers has appeared in his eyes because the distance is so close, can even see the deep folds crisscrossing each of the changes carved in the other face.

Quickly! Brendel was horrified, the magic in the flowing air from the two Lines of Laws of the Shallow Seas and the Mountain of Quelled Storms had not moved, neither the Elemental power of the earth’s hub. This was not the skill of the Guardian of the Frost Earth, the King of the Frost Knights may have simply used the skill of swordplay to achieve this speed – almost beyond the speed of the Flash Strike Sword. The time for Brendel to react was almost zero and he could not retreat as the Soul Detainer Fingus would reach him before he could even tighten his muscles. The sword would have pierced his left shoulder, go downwards, move from left to right and cut his chest open right across his heart accurately. Therefore, even with his indomitable talent, Brendel did not want to take that risk.

What about raising the sword to block it? No, it’d be still too slow, the King of the Frost Knights will definitely change his tactics. All consideration flashed through his minds like a million thoughts, if that narrow blade retracted and cut upward from the bottom, he felt that he had no possibility and no chance to make a second block.

There was only one chance.

Seibers slashed his sword down while his cold expression remained, the blade seemed to cut into Brendel’s body from his left shoulder like how a hot knife cuts through butter. But Brendel still raised his sword as if he was not hurt and stabbed towards this King of Frost Knights, the wide and thick blade of the Earth Sword pointed straight at Seibers’ chest. “Huh–” Seibers’ eyebrows raised slightly, but Brendel’s movements were too slow in his eyes.

The blade of the Halran Gaia was still about two inches away from his chest when Seibers calmly withdrew his sword and gently tapped the spine of his sword on Brendel’s. The entire image of Brendel stalled and then dissipated into countless tiny magic particles with the wind.

As if he had expected this scene, the Miirna’s lord did not hesitate, he stepped forward with his right foot, and retracted the Soul Detainer Fingus slightly as if he would open his talons like a swooping falcon as soon as he found the direction of Brendel’s retreat. But to his surprise, there was nothing behind those stars of light blue magic particles after they dispersed.

There w

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