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Chapter 764 v4c138

Breaking Cocoon (4)

The avalanche came like raging waves, threatening to cover anything in its path. However, the silver monster had spread its wings and it began to vibrate like dragonfly wings. It quickly rose off the ground.

The silver monster lunged towards Freya. No calculation was needed for her to anticipate that. With the current speed of the avalanche, the monster was almost certainly able to avoid it.

In that split second, thoughts flashed through her mind. She seemed to have arrived at a decision subconsciously. The golden wings of light stretched wider, lifting her higher into the air. Freya was then rushing towards the silver monster.

At that moment-

The crescent moon-like mocking smirk across the silver monster’s featureless face finally went stiff.

“You’re insane!”

It screeched in surprise.

Like a golden shooting star, Freya collided with the silver monster head-on. The monster tried to force her away by waving its arm blade crazily but she was unfazed. Not only did she not scoot away, but she also did not shy away either. Freya allowed its blade to slide through her lower abdomen. Under the monster’s attack, the girl’s armour felt almost like a thin layer of paper. The slit was elongated and rosy blood began to splutter out mindlessly. Despite that, the girl continued to push on the monster’s waist, forcing it backwards violently.

Her strength was far less powerful than the enemy. But this was no longer a skewed battle of life and death. Past this momentary inconvenience, everything would be easier.


The silver monster’s rising momentum was only paused for a mere second and the avalanche had smashed down on it. In the face of the invincible force of nature, everything felt as insignificant as dust. Freya and the silver monster were just small glowing dots in the midst of the cascading pale snow, soon they vanished out of sight.

On the other end of the valley.

The battle between the Folded Sword Squad and the Pale Sons had reached its peak. Relying on guidance provided by the war flag Freya planted, the knights finally converged. Their strength was not inferior to these demons, some of them even possessed superior powers. However, the Pale Sons had the upper hand for a while through the advantage of surprise attacks and numbers.

When the knights had converged, the giant wolves on the other end of the forest could no longer receive commands from the silver monster. The tables were immediately turned. The knights utilized the narrow spaces of the canyon strategically to stop the winter wolves’ attacks. Both ends had received significant damages and the ambush attack had morphed into a stalemate trench warfare.

This was great news to the humans as they were at a disadvantage since the beginning. However, the Pale Sons’ waves of attacks had proven to be difficult to withstand. After Brund was retrieved by Alea and Maynild, he had fallen unco

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