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Chapter 716 v4c94

Resting in the Forest

Compared to the turmoil of the entire world, the silence of the Stained Frost Forest Labyrinth was more like a pool of stagnant water, the world inside and outside seemed to be separated by an invisible wall, leaving only the sky light that spread across the dark night sky.

The knights passed through the forest, the pine forest rattling in the night breeze, and it was not until the early hours of the morning that they were able to retrieve some of the missing men again. But what was most surprising to Brendel was that Freya and Laurena found the sleeping female hunter in a small forest.

Peya was the last to return to the team, and her return was arguably unexpected by Brendel. The more confusion there was in the dream, the greater the power to seduce the mind. And it was well known that the nightmare in the female hunter’s mind should have made it impossible for her to break free of her own terrible dream.

She was found sleeping quietly in the middle of a mossy field, as if she was a sleeping princess and had no sense of hunter’s wildness. But there were tear marks on her face.

Brendel asked Nemesis to check the other party’s condition and asked the others not to disturb her after confirming that she was fine. Peya’s dream was in its final stages, all they had to do was to be quiet and wait for her to wake up, because as long as she had appeared outside of the Misty Forest, it meant that she would wake up.

There was no need to worry too much about the rest.

The knights scattered themselves among the woodlands for a short rest in obedience to Brendel’s orders. Brendel sat down against a cedar, and the young prince came over blushing to ask for his sword back, then ran off.

Not far away Nemesis gave him an odd look that made Brendel feel a little guilty, and though he did not know why Nemesis was in his and Haruz’s dream, he assumed she had seen Haruz in the female costume.

Let’s hope she doesn’t tell the princess. But I don’t think she will, Nemesis doesn’t seem to be the gossipy type of woman. Brendel thought. He doubted that Princess Gryphine would spare his life if she knew what he had done.

Thinking about all this nonsense, he appraised the equipment that had fallen from Viscount Cauldell as he took it out of the Dimension Space.

He twisted the shiny thing out of it, to find that it was a necklace. He placed the necklace in his left hand, its chain shimmered faintly, like silver, and the pendant was an encircling heart shape. He had a vague feeling that he had seen it somewhere before.

He thought for a moment, and he thought of a possibility, “Is it actually that thing?” Brendel’s heart outbursted with joy and he hurriedly opened the attributes panel.

Atoa’s Determination.


Strength +20

Physique +20

Wind resistance +5

Fire Resistance +5

Water resistance +5

Earth resistance +5

“It really is this thing.” Feelin

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