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Chapter 732 Eternity (9)

Shitah licked every one of his fat fingers, lifted his head, and looked at Haruz with a weird look. It terrified the prince that he tightly held onto the honey jar at his waist. The honey was bought by Brendel from the hunters before they entered the Stained Frost Forest Labyrinth, although it had been used a lot on the goblins, there were still some left.

“You still want it?” Brendel stared at that guy while asking to get his attention back. Shitah turned back and nodded, “Mmhmm!” Aloz was filled with dissatisfaction when she saw this scene as this guy had embarrassed the entire Dragon race. She could not believe that such a mighty Dragon would sell himself for half a jar of honey. It would have been better if it was half a jar of treasures. The female Dragon turned around and left, as she was not willing to stay there for even a minute. She would rather not know this guy if she could.

Shitah was unaware of anything and only stared blankly at Brendel. Brendel knew that he was faking the expression but could not help but find it funny, “You don’t have to look at me like that, you know what we want to know.”

“Mm…… Those guys escaped towards the other end, that tunnel leads to an exit out there that I can point it out to you.” Shitah acted like he was thinking at first, then it was as if the honey had restored his memory as he replied slowly.

Brendel glanced at the direction he pointed and did not react. “You must be very familiar with this place down here, after all, you’ve lived here since the Year of the Poisonous Spider. All these hundreds of years are enough time for you to be familiar with every passage down here.”

“How did you know?” The fat Dragon’s jaw dropped as he stared at Brendel.

“Because of literature, you fool!” Aloz who had reached the cave’s entrance, turned around again when she heard this. “Humans like to write down whatever strange and bizarre things on perishable paper regardless of the size of the events. You do not think they would be okay with you snatching their food right?”

Brendel nodded and also replied, “Before coming here, I read the history of Manoweir region from the Kurkel’s archives. You first appeared in the Year of the Poisonous Snake when you plundered a caravan transporting flour.”

“Wait, why would plunder a caravan transporting flour?” The little female Dragon asked with widened golden eys and gritted teeth in disbelief, “Are you going to bake your own bread? Why have I not heard you talk about it?”

Shitah lowered his head and blushed for a moment, “……I thought it was white sugar.”

“Enough!” Aloz shouted, “Get lost, don’t talk to me again, I want the patriach to expel you from the clan!” After saying that she ran out in anger. Brendel looked at her terrifying look, afraid that this little female Dragon would take Shitah down if she stayed any longer.

He was relieved as he saw Aloz run out, he turned to ask, “So was I right?”


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