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Chapter 740 Eternity (17)

The silvery liquid looked a bit like mercury to Brendel, but from the distribution of the Frost Giant’s corpse around and the sword stuck on top of it, it was almost certain that this should be the corpse of some kind of creature, a magical creature.

“Some kind of metallic subspecies of mud monster?”

“No, the corpse of a mud monster obviously can not be preserved for tens of thousands of years or even longer, and besides, there is no mud monster among the Twilight species.” Brendel subconsciously shook his head, in the long experience of the game, he had seen most of the monster species of Vaunte, alive and dead. Beasts and humanoid-type magic creatures usually leave corpses after death, Elemental-types would fall apart and return to their original form, and demon-types’ existence would be expelled back to the original before death. The only ones that turn into a puddle of water after death are the recently dead mud monsters or water elementals (including their ice subspecies).

But the situation at hand was clearly not within any kind of common sense, as Brendel slid down the ice wall to Medissa’s side, where he crouched down next to the puddle of silvery liquid and extended his index finger to dip in it.

But the moment his fingertips touched the liquid, he withdrew it as if he had been electrocuted. The ‘mercury’ was not sticky, nor did it feel like a biological fluid, it was more like an inorganic substance. But what made Brendel wary was not this. He felt a subtle sense of power loss at the moment his hand reached into the liquid.

Brendel’s hair stood on end, he clearly felt the liquid sucking his power as if it was conscious. “Be careful, this thing is weird, stay away from it.” Brendel immediately pulled Medissa to her feet and alertly warned.


It was at this moment, suddenly a scream came from the ice cave to the left of the two, Brendel looked back – it was the voice of Miss Scholar. “Shido?” His complexion changed.

“Oh no, Miss Shido said she was a little curious and took Scarlet over with her to check the other corpses.” Medissa replied anxiously.

“Damn it!” Brendel immediately heard the sound of exchanging blows, then a muffled sound of a human body hitting the ice wall; it was not known whether it was Scarlet or Miss Scholar who had been hit. But Brendel heard three consecutive footsteps on the ice that was heavy and sounded more like the stride of a physically tall male creature, which was definitely not Scarlet’s or Shido’s.

Brendel frowned, even before Medissa reacted, he turned in that direction and drew his longsword. The dark and heavy Halran Gaia was just out of the sheath when a flash was seen in the direction of the ice cave, and an odd creature appeared in the sight of the two.

If Freya is here, she would have screamed, because the humanoid monster which appeared in front of Brendel and Medissawas streamlined, silver-white, had an oval head with

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