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Raw energy stones were also called experience crystals in the Amber Sword. Mages classified them as a type of material that was formed by the gathering of a large amount of purified holy magic. Because it was pure, it could be absorbed by the majority of creatures – and even demons – that resided in Vante. Therefore, you could say that this crystal in Brendel’s hands was something that the frost demons outside of the Holy Seal Forest had been coveting for thousands of years.

But Brendel gently held this crystal and felt its weight in his heart. Malourcha had guarded this holy magic for thousands of years but ended up giving it to a stranger like him.

“Yeah… this a raw energy stone. I’ve only read about them in story books from the old times. Legend has it that before the War of the Holy saints, the mages could craft these things.” Brendel answered.

“You said you’ve seen it in a story book. Are you talking about Sophie or Brendel.” Maynild asked from behind him. He could tell that the difference mattered to her.

“Both.” Brendel lied in order to avoid talking too much about this topic. He thought he needed to avoid talking with the female knight about the past; otherwise she’ll point a sword at his head again.

That wasn’t a good feeling.

He just thought it was weird that Maynild seemed to care about the dream but simultaneously also avoided it. This was certainly contradictory.

“You should know its effect, right?” Brendel turned around and asked.

“Me?” Maynild considered it and answered, “The literature says that raw energy stones could elevate someone’s strength. Sometimes, it can even help those who have no hopes of finding the entrance to the next realm. But I think this is all fool’s talk. There is no gain without labor in this world.”

“That’s not completely true.” Brendel looked at the crystal in his hand. He knew what Maynild said was technically true. This experience crystal really only had one effect — and that was to give its pure magic to the someone who absorbed it, in the form of experience.

In the entire Amber Sword, there were very few things that could directly increase experience. Fragments of divine instruments, raw energy stones, the Pool of Blessings and a Golden Apple.

But because of that, they seemed extra precious.

Brendel tossed one of the raw energy stones at the female knight and asked, “Regardless of the legends, don’t you want to give it a try?”


The female knight caught the crystal and held it with both hands. She asked with some surprise, “Why give it to me?”

Brendel smiled. Truth was, he didn’t know either. Probably because this thing no longer had any effect on him. As an item that could increase experience, raw energy stones were pretty low in rank. It had the most effect on someone who was transitioning between platinum and golden level and could transfer experience almost without fail. But for someone like him, who had already undergone elemental a

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