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Chapter 707 v4c85

A Ball from the Past(6)

Brendel stayed quiet. Of course Duke Arrek would be coming; this was his show after all. He was going to assassinate Princess Gryphine because she was moving away from his influence and then get control over Prince Haruz so that he can control the court — no, it should be Princess Bessidine here.

Brendel turned around to look at Haruz next to him. The little prince looked up at his sister from another dimension with a confused expression.

The princess’s expression was cold and distant. She looked at Haruz with a complicated gaze. “Bessidine, ever since you and I fled to Kinten Palance in the Year of Summer Blossoms and Leaves, you, me, and Aouine — we’ve all been through so much. You’re a grown up now Bessidine, it’s time for you to take responsibility.”

“Sister, I…”

Princess Gryphine lifted her hand to interrupt him. She turned around and instructed Brendel, “Viscount Cauldell, please give me a moment of privacy with Bessidine.”

Brendel thought for a moment. This was just a corner of the dream world and he wouldn’t be very effective staying here. The only way to leave this place would be to remedy Viscount Cauldell’s regret. He had to find more clues from the dreams. So he nodded and told Haruz, “Bessidine, you stay here. Her Royal Highness hasn’t seen you for a very long time. I’ll wait for you in the great hall outside.”

“Cauldell…” Haruz turned around to look at his teacher. His naive gaze was filled with panic and uneasiness, but Princess Gryphine interpreted that as an unwillingness to part with her lover. She shook her head almost imperceptibly and sighed quietly, “Let the Viscount be for a bit. You’ll have many years together, Bessidine.”

Haruz’s face turned red because of the misunderstanding. He was a boy after all! But he had no way of explaining that so he could only look pleadingly at Brendel while trying to say something coherent. Brendel sneakily gestured at him in the sign language of the Tree Elves — Brendel knew that language in his past life and naturally taught it to his only student — to remain here, collect information, and then meet up with him.

The little prince still looked uneasy, but he suddenly remembered the reason they were here when he saw Brendel’s gestures. He inhaled and finally calmed down. “She” nodded at him.

Brendel’s gaze landed on Princess Gryphine again, or rather the representation of her in his memory. He knew very well how much she meant to him. She had absolutely changed many people’s worldviews. The princess, already so capable of leading the kingdom, had a special kind of charisma about her. It reminded Brendel of the calm underneath the surface of a lake but with the power and resilience of the ocean. She stood there but was also distant from the world. She looked at the Kingdom with those calm and wise eyes. She had once spent her entire time reviving it from the dead but in the end, she could do nothing but wat

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