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Long Road, Fragments of the Past (4)

The others nearby seemed to have noticed something unusual between the two and stopped to look at them. Maynild felt Brendel’s gaze and quietly replied, “I have heard people speak of the beauty beyond the Shining Sea-”

“You’ve heard of it?”

“Yes.” Maynild nodded and did not seem like she wanted to pursue the topic. She took off her cloak and hung it on the back of the chair, then returned to sit with her knightly demeanor.

Brendel looked at her, deciding to stop asking questions. But he knew in his heart that that was impossible! He had seen that view before; he had seen the blue waves, the sunlight casting a white-golden section in the sea, and the white-brown peaks of the Kalanga Mountains reaching through the clouds where the sea and sky met.

But the memory of that time was like an old faded and charred photograph, he still vaguely remembered the faces in the photo, one of which was becoming more and more vivid, overlapping with the face of the female knight in front of him, as if it had been given color again.

Brendel frowned slightly, his mind was a jumbled mess of trivial details that had happened years, months, even days ago, and they intertwined and formed some speculations.

A thought that made him shudder slightly suddenly emerged.

Bai Jia, was it really her? Did she recognize him? Or did she only recognize that he was a player? Is this supposed to be a test? Brendel’s fingers trembled nervously. His fingertips touched the smooth edges of the wooden plate a little at a time, and he felt his throat dry and his heart pounding.

The people at the edge of the round table was quiet as well, the whispering of Laurenna and Filas.

Brendel quietly glanced towards Maynild’s direction. There was something paradoxical about this feeling. Is this female knight who I think she is? That was what he was hoping for. Because there was a feeling about the other person that was familiar to him, but she also felt like a stranger at the same time.

Besides, Brendel knew very well that if the other party was Bai Jia, she would have been more powerful than this. In the game, she had played for a shorter period of time than him, but her achievements were far greater than his. Her experience would never let her become a silent bystander after crossing over, and if it was her who was by the princess’s side, then there would be no need for him to deal with Arreck and Seifer.

But what was going on in the current situation?

Brendel was all too familiar with the Kalanga Mountains of the Shining Sea.

It was their first time at sea, and everyone was struck by the magnificent landscape of the Shining Sea, which was so intimate and so deeply burned into their memories that they simply could not forget it. It was as if it was the beginning of a story because, from that day, days of bloodshed followed.

All for the sake of that Aouine who had left them a memory-.


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