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Breaking Cocoon (4)

Freya glanced around. The open area was vastly different from the entrance of the earlier canyon. At least the towering blue glaciers, cracks along the ice and narrow openings were no longer in sight. The geography was no longer confusing- There were no layers of scattered ice walls along with ice cones and ice beams that stretched on forever. The only thing visible was the steep canyon walls and the open valley bottom, which was blanketed by a layer of soft snow that rolled off the cliff.

She took the scene in curiously as she limped over to one of the canyon walls. Her steps were imbalanced, the force occasionally tugging on her wound painfully, each spike of discomfort forcing her to suck in a mouthful of winter air. Freya’s shoulder armour was missing a piece and her breastplate was completely out of shape. The girl was in such an incredibly flustered state.

After a distance, she lifted her head and studied the white cliffs. The valley’s end could not be seen at all, it just seemed to stretch on infinitely. Freya took another look back, the monster was already getting close.

She clenched her teeth tight, trying to think if there was anything on her that could be useful. Her dagger was lodged in the Pale Son’s body. She had forgotten to retrieve it before leaving but it wouldn’t be of much use either in the current situation.

The only weapon left was the Lionheart Sword, which had been in good care, along with some miscellaneous belongings. Freya rummaged through her satchel, only finding a few day’s worth of dried food that had been frozen solid by the cold. Underneath it was a jar of wild berry jam made by Romaine, something that even Brando didn’t possess. This was an item that Freya declined constantly and it wasn’t meant to be a joke. The merchant’s cooking standards were akin to the fairytale witches.

But again, it wasn’t that Romaine was bad at cooking. The merchant’s creativity was just far too spontaneous, she had a tendency to add unorthodox ingredients into her creations.

Then, she found six of the Explosive Crystals gifted by Amandina. Initially, she was supposed to share this with Brando equally but the latter had found no use for it. That was why he gave all of the crystals to her, saying that it would be useful against unforeseen emergencies during the ambush.

As she studied all the items, Freya stroked the ring around her finger in a daze. She felt slightly calmer now. The ruby ring was first given to her by Brando. She had returned the ring to Brando on the day he left for Braggs out of concern for his safety.

And then a year passed when they finally met again. Compared to their first encounter, Brando was much stronger now. Naturally, the ring was no longer useful to him anymore. Hence, the ring was returned again. The exchange of rings between the both of them held a special meaning to the girl.

It looked like she wasn’t out of options but t

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