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Two Dragons?(2)

“Originally, for your arrogance, I should have gouged out your eyes and eaten your heart, to warn other humble creatures to maintain the necessary respect for a Dragon. But you are lucky, I do not want to lay my claws on your dirty body, so this time I will spare your life. You better not appear in front of me again, or I do not guarantee a mouthful of fire to burn you to ashes-”

A majestic voice rang at the ears of all, completely different from Aloz’s tender and childish voice. Her voice now was as if it was of a queen, with a vague sense of the little female Dragon’s original vibe. She was on the ground as she spoke these words, but in the end, she opened her wings and leaped up, hovering in mid-air. The sound rumbled through the wild.

All the warhorses fell to their knees at the same time.

“Brendel, you owe me another favor.” These words came from the clouds.

Brendel looked up, only to see a shadow sweeping across the snowy plains, covering the sky. Aloz opened her wings and a terrifying aura spread far beyond the entire glacier.

It was the aura of a giant Dragon.


With a click, Arreck watched as a crack appeared on the crystal in his mages’ hand. Pieces broke off and it turned into dust in a blink of an eye. In not even two weeks, this Duke had tremendous changes. He was not glowing with aura anymore, but instead, he hid under a fur cape, leaving the outsiders with an impression of a thin and wretched side profile.

Arreck was so thin that he looked like a skeleton, his face was covered with crumpled skin, and his eyes remained motionless in their dry sockets, staring at the crystal with barely a glimmer in them.

“My Lord.” The mage looked back at him with a questioning look.

“This is the Dragon’s power, that stupid Dragon has taken action.” Arreck grabbed his cane and said with some fervor, “Let’s go, I know that old woman Veronica is following us, let them follow us in more circles. Bunch of fools.”

“Your body, my lord.”

“Shut up.” Arreck coldly glared at Devard. Although he was increasingly thin, but the majesty and aura were becoming increasingly prominent.

Devard shivered and shut his mouth.

“I am not one of those mortals, to get the power, sacrifice is inevitable. Remember our goal, chaos is the only thing that matters, everything else is a liability.” Arreck replied coldly, “The pursuit of weakness for feelings, the ignorant grasping for money and power, and the empty delusion of justice, mortals pursue these worthless things, how can they overcome us?”

“Come, the master defeated them at Babel, and so do we now.” He coughed, then slowly stood up.

In the forest, knights in black robes stood up and followed. These knights looked extremely strange, they were far taller than the average person and looked somewhat like the orcs of thePlains. But orcs do not build armor, and their intelligence was only enough for them to use simple

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