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Eternity (8)

Aloz had not left for long when she was called back by Brendel for no other reason than they still had to get information from that fat Dragon, Shitah. But unfortunately, this timid young Dragon would only agree to meet Aloz and no one else, so Brendel had to ask a little female Dragon to drag Shitah out of his storage room.

But after this guy was dragged out, the first question asked immediately caught Brendel by surprise.

“What?! You’re telling me that you swapped the Heart of the Dragon with a star-shaped stone and let Arreck take it?! Brendel looked dumbfoundedly at the nosebleeding fatty in front of him, and he felt lost.

The little fat Dragon nodded with an innocent look as if what they gave away was not a star-shaped stone but a random pebble fished up from the riverbank.

“Despicable and cunning.” He put a definite word in his mind, but still felt that it was not enough and he added, “It was so insidious and shameless.”

“What is the star-shaped stone?” Both Veronica and Brendel had the oddest expressions on their faces, they knew there must be something wrong with this so-called star-shaped stone, so she tried recalling but could not think of any semblance of relevant information.

She thought that it must be a type of gemstone. It was true that among the variety of gemstones, there was a type called the star-shaped sapphires, but that was just a general luxury item that did not seem to have much connection to the current situation. Besides, Veronica did not think Arreck would recognize a star-shaped sapphire as a Heart of the Dragon, even if his brain had been swept by a Dragon’s tail.

“Have you heard of the Elemental Frontier?” Brendel asked with an odd look on his face.

“I know that the Elemental Frontier is the frontier of Vaunte, and Lord Marsha descended the Code on the Sea of Magic to form a solid world. The four Elemental Worlds hold down the four directions of Vaunte, but scholars generally believe that these four directions are not in the spatial sense and that the part of the Elemental Frontier visible to the naked eye should be above the sky, right?” Shido replied in a little voice.

“Good answer. The world generally believes that the elemental frontier is an abstract, or theological concept, but in fact, it is real, and there are special creatures living. It is said that the giant whales of the heavenly realm as huge as mountains swim on the Elemental Frontier, but they can only be seen on the day of March Common Yao.”

Brendel paused for a moment as if he was lagging, he felt that this matter was too outrageous or simply unbelievable, “And the star-shaped stone, is actually a more euphemistic name for it, its scientific name, formally speaking, I think it should be called the excrement of the Heavenly Whale.”


The Kirrlutz noble officers present felt that they simply saw or heard all the bizarre and odd things in their lives today. So

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