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Chapter 739 Eternity (16)

Just as Brendel’s group began to move, on the other hand, Freya was struggling to move through the silvery gray forest. They have reunited with Brund’s men for a day and a half, but this did not change their situation in any way, the forest had endlessly increasing numbers of Pale Sons. In order to deal with these terrible beasts, they had to flee along the forest to the northwest.

After hastily eating some unpalatable dry food in the early morning, the scouts found the traces of white wolves on the outskirts of the forest again, and the team had to pull out once again. Marquis Yoakam and that monster seemed to have a great interest in them and kept chasing after them.

But the most frightening thing was still the monster.

Freya checked up on Alea who was having a fever and the other knight on the stretcher. The wound on Alea’s neck had started to blacken – the ice pick from those white wolves seemed to have some kind of curse on it that slowed down the healing time and accelerated the decay. Freya herself had many such wounds so she knew it too well, but she did not show that unrelenting pain on the face.

The other knight, who looked completely dehydrated, did nothing more than block the silver monster, and his entire body seemed as if it had been drained of flesh and blood.

Freya saw with her own eyes that the human-like silver monster was surrounded by seven or eight Gold-ranked Kirrlutz knights who were covered in wounds, but the monster suddenly pounced on one of them, and after sucking up the man’s flesh and blood, the wounds all over the monster’s body recovered as if they were never there in the first place.

She had never heard of such a terrifying ability, not even from a vampire.

At that time, almost all the knights of that battle did not make their way back, leaving only this one who managed to escape. Afterward, in order to hold off that monster, the whole team left behind more than ten knights, and even Roji, the female knight also died in that battle.

She could not help but glance at little Pero. She did not learn that the female knight was his fiancée until later.

“The wind has stopped.” Little Pero’s face was almost emotionless as he said so while looking at the canopy of trees that gradually stopped swaying. It was the only good news for hours. But the bad news was when there was no wind or snow, the visibility in the woodlands was much better and smells could linger longer.

“But which way should we go exactly, rendezvousing with the Lord Count and Lord Commander of the Army is already impossible, and the other party obviously does not intend to give way to us.” Brund said staring at the rudimentary map drawn on the ground last night. In just two days, his cheeks had become skinnier and deep dark circles had appeared under his eyes.

“Keep moving north,” Maynild replied, “they don’t want us to rendezvous, so we’ll do as they wish.”

The others all nodded

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