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Legacy of the Skeleton (3)

As Brendel picked up the tooth, he glanced warmly at Filas beside him. This guy was a wealth-bringer. If he brought Filas along every time they went on a side-quest, it probably wouldn’t take him too long to be outfitted with all the god-tier equipments?

Of course he knew that was just wishful thinking. Filas and Laurenna couldn’t stay in Aouine forever. As soon as Arreck died, they would return to Kirrlutz along with Veronica.

“Ohh, this is Skeletal Dragon’s tooth?” Filas seemed to have recognized the item in Brendel’s hand.

Brendel paused and asked in surprise, “You know it?”

“Ah, I think I’ve heard of it.” Filas answered, a little proud of himself. “I heard that this is the tooth that was taken from Madara’s Giant Skeletal Dragon, right?”

“That’s not right.” Before Brendel could say anything, Haruz interrupted from beside them. He answered in his still childish voice, “Madara’s Giant Skeletal Dragon was just a monster pieced together from the Eruya Dragon. The real Giant Spirit Dragon is a mature dragon who has died. Only a few giant dragons have become spirits in all of Vaunte. Their powers didn’t differ that much from when they were alive. Even the Emperor with the Mercury Staff pays them the utmost respect –”

“Hmmm.” Brendel shifted his gaze toward the little prince. The latter blushed and his soft curls lay obediently flat against his forehead. Accompanied by the glinting of the crystals in the darkness, his eyes shone and looked effeminate. But Haruz insisted, “My sister told me all of this.”

“Your sister, Princess Gryphine?” Filas asked.

“My sister said that Marada was the true enemy of Aouine. Kirrlutz might have always tried to control the Kingdom, but you wouldn’t destroy the Kingdom in a sea of fire. But for the Undead, the boundary between life and death can be easily broken…”

Haruz looked at Filas, as if these sentiments had been stuck on his mind for a while, and asked, “But I’ve always wondered. If we’re all human, why can’t we band together against the monsters from the dark?”

“Well…” Filas felt self-conscious at the chiding and scratched his hair.

Brendel looked at the guy with slight sympathy. He couldn’t explain to Haruz that actually, Madara’s skeletal frame couldn’t exactly be counted as a monster since the dead were also part of the world. They weren’t really immortal, they just existed in a different manner.

Actually in Vaunte, Marada’s Undead, Kirrlutz’s humans, Sanorsor’s Wild Elves all believed in Marsha, who represented order. It’s just that one worshipped the order of darkness and one believed in the light.

But he couldn’t say that Princess Gryphine was wrong. The boundary between life and death was fragile, but the two represented different ways of existing. The Undead have invaded the eastern borders of Aouine for centuries and there were countless examples like Bucce. As a human, it was hard to consider the problem from

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