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Another Chance(5)

Delphine was abnormally quiet as she was escorted away, although she glared at Brendel like a poisonous viper. It made Brendel shudder a little. Honestly, if he wasn’t so concerned about his relationship with Veronica, he would have executed this woman. Bad blood with the chancellor was inevitable anyways, and he did not think the Kirrlutzians would dare declare war on Aouine over a woman.

Laurenna watched as Delphine was taken away, the knight wanted to say something but was unable to speak at the moment, it would naturally be somewhat displeasing to be treated in such a manner as the imperial messenger, but the problem was that she did not seem to have the right to be displeased.

She thought for a while before saying somewhat weakly, “My Lord, I hope you will carefully consider the way you deal with the empire.”

“I understand, but that also depends on who it is. I know the difference between an enemy and a friend, and I can only say that Lord Veronica chose the wrong person for the wrong mission this time.” Brendel replied.

He gestured to Ciel, and then Laurenna and Filas, who were spellbound in their chairs, felt their bonds loosen. The knight was fine and managed to maintain her composure, but her fiancé could not help but let out a long sigh and stare at Brendel a little fearfully.

He had suffered a lot at the hands of the Prime Minister’s daughter along the way because of his sweet-talking, but he did not expect such a terrifying woman to be locked up into the black dungeon by this inhumane guy. If it were himself, he would not have that, Delphine’s beauty was famous throughout the empire.

Thinking of this, Filas could not help but look at Brendel again with some trepidation. In his eyes, he had already decided that he was one of those legendary barbarians from the barbaric wilderness – no, not just a barbarian, perhaps even a chieftain. No matter how beautiful a woman was, she meant nothing to a rude man like him, and in some of the knight’s novels, these barbarians were even depicted as preferring men.

The young knight’s thoughts filled his mind and he could not help but take one more look at Ciel who had been controlling him and Laurenna with spells; a thoughtful expression appeared on his face.

Of course, Brendel did not know this man in front of him, famous for his stupidity and luck, was spinning with weird thoughts. He was not named ‘famous idiot’ by Brendel. Rather, it was the real title of the man known in history as Kirrlutz’s first shitty knight.

First of all, he had defeated many of the best sons and daughters of the major noble families from within Kirrlutz. Married to Laurenna, the most talented and beautiful girl in Kirrlutz – Laurenna’s future achievements in Kirrlutz could even be compared to that of Freya in Aouine, or even higher, as she had achieved much more than that. If he remembered correctly, Laurenna had later succeeded as the Azure Skies’ main a

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