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The water elementals moved the entire surface of the lake to the middle of the air and threw it at Brendel and Maynild, who was still on the shore. The translucent wall of water poured down from mid-air and turned into a waterfall. When the body of water slammed against the ground, it fractured into white gaseous clouds and countless sharp arrows shot out from the cloud.

Brendel leaped onto the shores of the lake with a single step and turned around to flee alongside Maynild. A wave, taller than a human, dogged their footsteps and then flooded the cedar forest. With crashing sounds, the ice trees were uprooted and swirled into the whirlpool.

The white tidal wave rapidly pushed forward along with the driftwood, but it was always just a step behind Brendel and Maynild. Instead, many of the frost demons who couldn’t escape were pulled into it. The wall of water pushed forward several hundreds of meters before calming down. It started to retreat but was instead absorbed into the ground.

Brendel and Maynild ran until they reached a small hill. They breathed a sigh of relief and turned around to see that the landscape of the forest had completely changed. There was a pool of receding muddy water, upon which floated countless shards of ice. They were gobsmacked at the sight. These ice fairies really were merciless towards their own brethren.

“Just how many ice fairies were there in the forest?” Maynild looked at the lake, which had turned shallow again. Gloating water elementals hovered over the surface of the lake.

Brendel was a tad bit speechless. Summoning water elementals is a six ring spell and every summoned water elemental was a level 37 top-rank platinum elemental being. Its powers would be roughly on par with Maynild’s and because it was an elemental being, its fighting ability might even be stronger than Maynild’s.

As mid-level platinum beings, ice fairies should not be able to use this spell by themselves. The only way they accomplished this would have been to use a ring formation to finish the spell. Summoning a water elemental would take the powers of about ten ice fairies. Add in the mirror image spell and the number of ice fairies in the Foggy Ice Bloom Forest would probably be in the hundreds, if not the thousands.

“Should we force our way through?” Maynild turned around to look at him.

“No need.” They could force their way across, but at a great cost. They were facing hundreds of ice fairies. Between him and Maynild, they had someone who needed to undergo elemental activation and another person who had just stepped foot inside the golden realm; more importantly, they were both swordmasters. They didn’t have a teammate capable of casting spells.

Brendel was starting to regret not bringing Ciel or Pahimila with him.

At the same time as he answered Maynild, he took out a little pot from his Dimension Space.

“Honey?” Maynild asked when she spotted the clay jar. She immediately recognized it as t

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