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Chapter 770 v4c143

Icy Breath

Just as Brendel’s bet was going on, Duke Arreck and his men were being led through the central maze by Korfa. The road ahead opened up, forming a cavity-like long aisle that was as high as a few hundred feet, with pillars of more than 30 feet in diameter that were supporting the base like a beast’s rib. Looking up, these majestic pillars were embedded into the walls on both sides.

The hall was not empty, the prehistoric battle extended to this place as skeletons of all sizes could be seen around the aisle. These skeletons remained in the form of killing before death, as if a fierce battle was suddenly interrupted by a disaster, and everyone froze the moment they took their last breath. Skeletons filled the space, so Arreck and his men had to look for actual ground to step on as they were advancing. As he walked around a skeleton with wings, that skeleton could be seen wearing a half armor covered in silver feathers still, but the former glory of the armor had lost its glow and had turned into just a pile of rusted iron.

This was a godly servant’s corpse, a Seraphine, a Golden Race that was completely wiped out in the Ebabel’s battle, leaving a scant few of its people to hide beyond the Elemental Frontier and disappear along with the gods. And today there were still some secondary gods in Vaunte, but they were not the best among the Silver Folk compared to these horrible yet beautiful creatures. Duke Arreck noticed the skeleton of the giant wolf that had fought this Seraphine. The skeleton’s third spine from the skull was visibly white, typical of the third generation of Dusk Wolves, Fenir’s descendants, who with their ancestors had been prisoners of the Divine Folk, and the chains had left permanent scars that ran deep into the marrow of their bones.

Arreck’s gaze withdrew from the skeletons and he narrowed his eyes.

“What is this place?”

“The Promenade of Meditation.”

“What place does it lead to?”

“The place where you all want to go.”

Arreck turned back. Beside Devard, the eldest daughter of Hati shrouded under a dark robe that had some red pattern on it; the dark fabric made her skin look so pale as if it shone like white snow, the hood was so deep that only her pointed chin was visible. But one could still feel the coldness from her red eyes glittering in the depths of the shadows. When Arreck did not speak, Korfa would remain in total silence. Ever since she absorbed the other half fragment of soul, she had become this way, no longer showing her pure and innocent side.

But when Arreck was not looking, the young girl would show an awful look on her face. She frowned.

Arreck could vaguely feel that the eldest daughter of Hati had not forgotten everything before. Those stinking demons from the Sulfur River gave him a fragment of her soul, telling him that this thing could make the unruly Korfa obedient, but she was neither unruly, nor did she show obedience. However,

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