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Two Dragons?(2)

The Frost Dragon Shitah is the gatekeeper of the Holy Cathedral of Hibernators. I think Arreck knows this as well, that any stranger who approaches the Holy Cathedral of Hibernators will trigger the gatekeeper.” Brendel replied.

“You mean Enrico will surely take advantage of this. I’ve heard of this old sly fox, cautious and deep, who plans precisely before taking action, exactly like the Duke of the last generation.” Veronica raised her head, her emerald green eyes glittering, and although her hands covered her long hair, the green strands were ruffled by the bitterly cold north wind under the sunlight. Her gaze swept across the ice as if she had seen the outcome that Brendel had expected, but still asked, “While I agree with that, how do you plan to confirm it?”

Brendel saw the snowflakes swept up by the wind, like a layer of powder floating on the glacier, then in his vision behind the snow suddenly appeared a few shadowy figures, he replied: “We will know soon.” Behind the icy mist came Babasha and a few others, the old hag was rickety, with the icy wind tugging at a corner of her tattered robe, and her silver hair was blowing like a ghost. She limped to Brendel’s side and spoke with deep reverence, “My lord, it is ready.” With trembling hands, she lifted the crystal ball and held it up to Brendel.

Veronica frowned at the sight, as she did not like witches.

Brendel took a look at the few people behind Babasha. Besides the young girl in wooden shoes who stood with her toes together holding a jar of honey, there were two other important people, the inherited witch of the Moon of Swords (killing), Kurul, and the inherited witch of the Moon of Cups (jealousy), and Anvi. Both of who were important people, and whose status was far more revered than Babasha’s in Bunosong, the Land of Witches.

Kuru was a tall woman with a beautiful body wrapped in a gray Witch’s robe. She wore a hood, her skin as white as ice and snow, her eyebrows were long and slender, her cheekbones were defined, and she looked cold, giving people an impression of cold-bloodedness; while Anvi was a woman in her forties. She wore a thick fur robe, and her plump figure wrapped in the robe can be seen even through a thick layer of wool. The little woman smiled, but could not hide the shrewdness in her eyes.

They said they had come to join Brendel, but he realized that their attitude was far less respectful than that of Babasha and that the joining was more of an investigation than a submission. The Darkness Dragon’s legacy was divided into seven. He was not the only one, but Brendel was unconcerned, confident that he could make these unpleasant people work for him.

Brendel received the crystal ball, and immediately a circular image appeared on it, and he saw that behind the snowstorm, there was a vast expanse of snow-covered land. He let his vision expand to the north, and the image immediately showed a crisscr

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