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Chapter 730 v4c106 Eternity(7)

“Ah ah ah ah, sister Aloz, I was wrong, ple-please let go of me quickly……”

There was a loud boom, and suddenly the whole top of the cold hall crumbled away, only to see a huge thing with tons of snow falling from the sky which fell heavily onto the ground. Then Brendel saw Aloz leap from above and slowly walked to the pile of snow. She reached into the pile of snow and grabbed a tail from it, and then with a clattering sound, a ball of flesh was dragged out.

Then everyone saw clearly that it was a Dragon – a round Dragon, huge, almost two stories tall, but had nothing like the beautiful streamlined shape that Aloz had when she turned into a Dragon. Instead, he was like a huge spindle, with two pairs of wings like the kind Brendel had seen in the supermarket freezer in his last life. The only difference was that there were scales on them. Aloz dragged him out by the tail, his short and fat limbs flopped onto the ground, and he squealed as if it was a pig being slaughtered.

Brendel swore he could not forget such a scene in his life, because it was too stupid, in fact, in his previous life he had never seen the true side of this Dragon. After all, this guy was too sinister, players were knocked out even before seeing him, just like Arreck’s noble private soldiers buried under the ice.

The others, Shido and Haruz, had their eyes wide open. They could hardly believe what they saw and felt their worldview turn upside down.

Laying a tiny paw on his head, Shitah cried out tearfully, “Let go of me, Sister Aloz, it’s so humiliating.”

His voice rumbled through the cave, but it was hard for onlookers to believe that such an imposing roar was a plea for mercy.

“You know shame too, Dragon God above, look what you’ve done to your lair! You placed traps in your lair! the Dragon’s face is disgraced by you!” Aloz coldly grunted, raised her small fist, and smashed it on Shitah. Her pink fist looked weak, but her one punch sent Shitah flying across the room like a meteorite. The loud ‘boom’ made the imperfect wall in the middle of the hall crumble into pieces.

All the Kirrlutzian nobles who saw this scene felt their hearts palpitating tremendously while those who had offended Aloz before felt a chill down their spine, and almost everyone was thinking: Oh my God, this little girl is extremely violent.

Aloz was indeed super violent. She was so mad she seemed to have gone crazy as she beat up this fleshy ball of Dragon. Of course, this beating was scaled to a Dragon’s level. If anyone were to receive this amount of beating, even Veronica would have been smashed into meat juice.

The beating lasted for half an hour before Aloz came to meet Brendel with a bruised and battered Shitah. As Brendel had expected, Shitah was a fat little man in human form, but in an elven figure. Elves who were keen on the pursuit of beautiful things would probably want to stab him with their swords if they ever saw hi

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