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Chapter 738 Eternity (15)

Since the war at Ebabel Fort, the story of the Guardians has spread. Legend has it that the Guardians have always been in some hidden and unknown place, guarding the knowledge of the gods from ancient times. They were special Golden Folk, created by Alphonse, the Dragon of Fury, but the day the dispute was restarted, they would return to the earth.

“But in fact, there is no such thing,” Arreck sneered: “That is just a legend made up by mortals to relieve themselves, the Guardians never existed. Once the knowledge of mortals is lost it is forever gone, scattered among the earth, they’re only left with pieces of pathetic knowledge of magic and Order.”

With those words, he looked up. The towering, frozen staircase that led to a massive stone door, unadorned, somewhat like one of those ancient fortresses.

Arreck stood for a moment at the bottom of the steps, then slowly went upward with the entourage around him.

The icy wind blew, and the entrance to the Holy Cathedral of the Hibernator stood in front of him.

“Looks like we have confused the Dragon .” Devard could not help but crack a playful joke. Arreck then gave him a look that sent chills down his spine, “The Golden Folk created ‘Dragon s’ that acted as their agents to run the world in order to fight the Twilight, Bahamut the Platinum Dragon, Tiama the War Dragon, Alphonse the Dragon of Fury, Crystal the Knowledge Dragon, Blaze the Elemental Dragon and Azure the Tribulation Dragon. The ‘Dragon s’ then created the first generation of warriors again.”

“The Blood and Fire Folk were both the generation of the Golden Folk. Legend says that the Golden Folk’s generation each had its own role- the Dragon s mastered the laws, the Miirnas mastered the power, the Witches mastered the magic, while the creations of the Knowledge Dragon and the Dragon of Fury have never appeared on earth.”

“That’s where this legend comes from-”

“But in fact it was nothing more than a pact left by Alphonse, the Dragon of Fury, with Odin, the Azure Knight.”

“Odin?” Devard was slightly stunned, “You mean the Darkness Darkness, my lord, what did they agree to?”

Arreck nodded, “It is that our greatest enemy, but the ridiculous thing is that those mortals gave him an incestuous name. Odin was never a Dragon, and he does not need to exist as a Dragon .”

“Nobody knows what they agreed on, but it is certain that it had something to do with the Silver Folk’s generation that emerged later. Odin was always waiting for an opportunity, especially since there have been voices within the Gods questioning the creation of the Golden Folk as a mistake ever since the Loop of the World‘s split-”

“And after that, the subsequent part of the legend was that they were released by the Bugas, but the authenticity is still doubtful, and this claim is most likely just an excuse made up by the Bugas’ Mages in order to maintain the legitimacy of the sacred covenant.”

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