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Elemental Activation.

In that second, Brendel felt as if a flame had been lit in his soul, lighting up something that had been pitch-black previously. Simultaneously, the golden flames ignited in his pupils. The world had changed in his eyes. The crystallized trees that were falling apart at this moment, the paths in the forest, rock, and even the piled-up snow seemed to be covered by a silver line. The line sloped downwards and constrained the energy and material; the Lines of Laws crisscrossed and at the blank and weak spots, the material was so fragile it seemed as if it could break down at a single touch.

He picked up a pebble and gently pressed it against a spot. The stone crumbled into powder like it was molded bread.

This was a world governed by Laws.

He already knew this secret, but without activating elementals a mortal had a really hard time understanding what this sentence really meant. This was just like how a mortal could not understand the truth of the world. Only when they step foot across the threshold — Time, Space, Law, Energy, Randomness — and be reborn in flames and see what’s in front of them could they understand that this world was, at its core, made of magic constrained by the Law of Tiamat. The complex multitudes really didn’t have as many secrets as mortals thought they did.

Everything they saw was formed by magic, which was constrained by Law. This was the most basic of Warndt’s rules.

Brendel squinted. The power flowing quietly through him felt exactly like it did in his previous life. He raised his hands and his hands were also covered with a thin layer of Lines of Laws. But all the strange sights were gradually disappearing in front of his eyes and the world seemed to return to its original state in a flash.

Next, Brendel saw his own status interface begin to change:

Human who suffers, 20 years old.

Power System: Element Realm (Self Determination),upper threshold.

After elemental activation, the power system was no longer simply divided into physics, curses, elements, and close combat. In addition to Self Determination, which was in pursuit of the ultimate power, there were only Mage and Element Ambassador, two types of systems that routinely investigated the mysteries of the Laws of the world.

But Brendel saw the extra “upper threshold” that appeared after his designation and paused in confusion. After elemental activation, the power system description explained the most basic source of his powers. He immediately thought that this must be the power of the Planeswalkers.

Then he continued reading .

The column for absolute power had already disappeared. After entering the element realm, power and law became tied together and the previous method for calculation was no longer suitable. Next came the description about the element itself. The previously simplistic description of its nature now expanded to an entire column:

Time and Space– (In the eyes of the gods a

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