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The Mage Tower

After the group entered the forest, the blue curtain of light slowly closed behind the group, as if it was alive. Outside it was still afternoon, but inside the curtain was already twilight, with a blue curtain hanging from the sky and a few stars in the distance, like the scenery after dusk.

And a hundred steps away, the forest floor was a gloom.

The huge contrast caused everyone to be on guard, and Maynild and Freya gently drew their swords and looked around. There seemed to be some sort of uneasiness lurking in the air, making people feel a chill down their spines.

Brendel looked at the strange shadows of the woodland, they were already in a valley, the distant overlapping hills immersed in the night. In the north, the sky was as deep purple as the silent night. This hilly area was called the ‘Twilight Mound’’ in the Amber Sword, and in his memory, it should be at the southwest corner of Milos’s Breath.

At the entrance to this area, there should be a lair of the Dusk Hound, an ancient subspecies of canine dreads. It had long been extinct in Vaunte but was still found in small numbers in certain Black Forests.

“Lord, as you said, which direction should we head now?” Laurenna interrupted his thoughts and asked.

“The Raider mentioned that there should be a path leading to the ‘Atrium’ here,” Brendel’s mind recalled the Raider’s text: ‘The Dusk Mound is the most excellent entrance into the direction of Milos, and the gatekeeper’s lair is the dreaded The beasts of the Dusk Hounds, the passage through the Dusk Hounds’ lair extends northward, leading to the ‘Atrium’, with a treasure site at points A and B, which in the year 385 and 387 respectively were the ‘Crimson Wing Brigade’ and the ‘ Crystal’s Apple’ exploration.’ If this quest was still the first time it had been explored by people, then the location of the hidden treasure mentioned in the walkthrough might still exist as well. His eyes searched the forest, suddenly realizing that this sprawling valley was a passage. Brendel’s gaze stretched forward, the dark green hills that stretched on both sides meandered to the north, which also matched the description on the Raider.

After confirming this, Brendel had a plan: “Let’s proceed along this valley, watch out for wandering spirits on the way, and try not to use magic or activate magic items. Use open flames for lighting, and lighting crystals are banned at all times.”

Demons are not difficult creatures to deal with, but once a battle starts, the magic power that escapes will attract more demons. Some players had said that the demonic spirits were alarms within the copy of Milos’s Breath, and this was not an empty claim.

“Do you understand?”

“Understood.” Everyone nodded.

Brendel was somewhat satisfied, though his knowledge of the copy was only in the strategy. But he knew that in the midst of the unknown, people were always willing to favor the person who seemed to have

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