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v4c75 Legacy of the Skeleton (2)

Brendel’s gaze moved past Francisco’s Hold and stopped on the fourth item. It was a little mirror with a silver handle. Delicate waves were carved into the frame of the mirror. It seemed like something a lady would use. There were millions of equipment in Amber Sword. Aside from some of the most famous ones or those that he had used before, he wouldn’t recognize all of them. He picked up the mirror and a pale green light screen unfurled along its surface. Brendel raised his eyebrow slightly at the text that appeared on there.

“So it’s this thing…”

“What is it?” Just as Brendel’s gaze landed on that tiny mirror, Filas also noticed this item since it was the most delicate among all the things. As a noble, he was instinctively drawn to those with a gorgeous exterior.

Brendel raised the mirror —

Valora’s Mirror


Life + 20

Triple Cut Level + 1

Bonus skills:

The Shadow of Reality – Valora’s Mirror replicates all lies. Users of Valora’s Mirror can choose a target and replicate one of the target’s skills. That skill will be stored in the mirror as a real illusion. The user can expend 1/10th of its energy cost and cast the spell once. (Cooldown period: 1 day).

The mirror of the Night Goddess. This mirror was a very interesting tool in the Amber Sword. It can replicate abilities but it unleashes the skill as an illusion. But this illusion was a real illusion — as long as the target believed that this illusion was real, then they would experience all of the resulting consequences.

But if he didn’t believe, then this spell would just be a simple illusion.

Therefore, there was a trick to using this mirror. If you replicated a skill that was too outlandish, most people wouldn’t believe it. But there were some who were contrary and intentionally learned very bizarre skills – for example, knights learnt elementalists skills. Often when you didn’t believe, controlling skills such as Claws of Ice would befall you.

At most, Brendel had heard of the mirror in the past. He had never actually seen it. He held the mirror and described it to Filas. Of course, he didn’t mention the specifics and just said that it was something a female knight left behind after she died and that the mirror had the power to replicate illusions. He hadn’t counted on Filas’ eyes glinting when he heard this and asking, “Wait, I have a favor to ask. Count Trentheim, would you consider gifting this mirror to me?”

Though Filas may appear careless on the surface, he had received a nobleman’s education. Filas knew very well that, though they may have found the remains together, in accordance with the rules of nobility, Brendel would be doing him a favor.

For the nobility, inviting someone to preview the spoils of a winter hunt was considered the highest honor. Filas wasn’t naive enough to consider that he had the right to share the spoils. He could tell that Brendel hadn’t needed him to find

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