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Chapter 705 A Ball In the Past(4)

The moonlight cast a silvery sheen on the floor.

The little prince stood self-consciously at the border between light and dark. In the darkness, all that was visible was only the pointed chin – like that of a young girl’s – and the vague outline of a slender top half encased in a long gown. His silver eyes glinted in the darkness like jewels. They were filled with an awkward shyness and both his hands grabbed the two sides of the dress.

Though it was just an outline in the dark, Brendel was very satisfied.

Haruz hesitated for a moment and then slowly walked out. A pair of silver shoes, tied with a ribbon, appeared first. Then came the lace edge of a silver dress and then the tiny upper-body — he dressed like an elegant princess. The silver gown and the giant bow on the chest did nothing to hide the slender collarbone and the rounded shoulders of a young girl; his hair had also gotten longer. The long hair was tied up in a ponytail with a curled tendril of hair framing each side of his face. The ponytail was likewise made up of many puffy silver curls, which looked very elegant.

The moonlight shone upon him and both his snow-white skin and the silver outfit reflected the pale light. He looked like a holy mountain elf. Haruz stared at the ground and the blush spread all the way to his neck. His pointed ears trembled out of embarrassment and he slowly blinked those dewy big eyes.

Brendel stared dumbly in amazement.

It wasn’t the shy little prince Haruz who stood in front of him but a miniature Princess Gryphine. Actually, no, Her Royal Highness never had this air of fragility about her. That air only served to compliment the little prince’s female clothing. Brendel never dreamt that he would ever be able to see such a gentle and calm Princess Gryphine.

He couldn’t back the cough. “This… should I call you Prince Haruz or her highness?”

Though he had been the one to suggest this plan, he regretted it a bit now. Brendel had never thought that Haruz would look like this after changing into women’s clothing.

Hopefully there wouldn’t be any lingering side effects.

“Sir Brendel… teacher. If you keep saying this I’ll get angry.” Haruz frowned and answered a bit angrily. He examined his outfit and the blush remained on his face. “Thi- this is just a choice I have to make to get out of the dream. It’s not an opportunity for teacher to laugh at me –”

Brendel was slightly surprised. He didn’t think that for someone as shy as his little student, he could come out with a speech like that. Even in their regular days together, the little prince rarely talked back to him.

For a second, he thought he was seeing things. He couldn’t help but stare at Haruz.

The little prince lowered his head and asked quietly, “Ladies aren’t allowed to wear swords when attending a party, right?”

Brendel nodded.

“Then would you please pack away the Lion’s Fang for me?” Haruz handed his sw

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