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Another Chance(4)

A second invasion of the Bloodstaff did occur in history at the end of the Year of the Sword.

This untameable, uncontrollable King of the Corpse Mage colluded with Radner to stir up trouble in an attempt to create an excuse to invade Grinoires. The more underlying intent was to get rid of Madara’s supreme emperor’s control, or at least to weaken the other side’s prestige.

That was why this was a completely self-directed show by the Bloodstaff, except that certain people had planned the opening of the great show, but did not expect the final ending. The once unstoppable Bloodstaff that swept across the eastern border of Karsuk had completely fallen in this war. The Bloodstaff was first defeated by the allied forces of Eikkel, Youla and Duke Viero, before dying in defeat after being ambushed on its way back to the Land of the Spiders by the army of Alvitr, the Queen of the Demons, who claimed to be unwilling to submit to the Mercury Staff.

Shortly after its death, the territory it had ruled over, the Bloodwoods, was divided. Yinstar Dragon inherited the largest chunk of it. Then, the Queen of the Demons, Alvitr, also surrendered to that supreme being of Madara after a token resistance. No matter how you looked at it, this whole process looked as if the King of the Corpse Mage had dug a hole and then buried himself in it.

Yinstar Dragon had a secret deal with Radner before he left Aouine, and then the lovely Count went to the Bloodstaff to conspire together. Only the Bloodstaff’s empty corpse brain – which had been eroded by darkness – would think that there was odd with this.

The Queen of the Demons, Alvitr, was also a strong suspect, but that was not what Brendel needed to be concerned about. What made his heart skip a beat was the realization that this historical ‘September Conflict’ would bring him a huge opportunity, and might even allow him to solve the troubles in the South once and for all.

If the idea succeeded, then the princess would have at least one to two years of development after the unification of the South. If Aouine prepared in advance to deal with the war before that emperor of Madara was ready, perhaps the newborn Black Rose would carefully consider the westward route.

Brendel pondered and ended up distracted from all his thinking. He tapped his finger lightly on the envelope. The opportunity in it was clear only to him – he clearly remembered this point in history – the Month of Autumn of the Year of the Sword. The Bloodstaff would choose to travel east from modern-day Bucce – in other words, the Bloodstaff would move from the Sillman region into Grinoires – and then meet with Count Radner at the border of the North Tusankard Forest.

The armies of the Bloodstaff would then attack Grinoires’s capital from the north in an attempt to open the avenue leading west of Lake Vallendaren to Viero.

However, Madara’s Army was ambushed by the allied forces of Eikkel, You

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