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In reality, the Deer Demon Elaine and the Pendulum Golem drew Brendel’s curiosity as soon as they appeared. After the battle in the catacombs, he finally realized that creatures summoned by cards could also use cards.

Though Elaine had said that she and the Pendulum Golem had only used Kelsie’s cards under a simulation, at the very least this proved that while the great Planeswalker had been alive, he had entertained similar thoughts.

It was indeed so.

Kelsie only left behind some scattered records. He had entertained this thought during the last years of his life – to build a new Law upon the creature cards; if a Planeswalker could summon certain creatures, then why couldn’t Planeswalkers summon other Planeswalkers?

This was, without a doubt, a preposterous thought that nearly approached genius. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to praise the hypothesis as imaginative. What was even crazier was that Kelsie succeeded. Or rather, he achieved some kind of success.

First, he reconfigured the Deer Demon Elaine and the Pendulum Golem, two of his strongest cards and the ones to which he was most emotionally attached to. You could say that Elaine and the Pendulum Golem were the product of his first experiments. Though the experiment hadn’t been perfectly successful, it did let Kelsie find his direction.

Unfortunately, this great genius, or madman, could not perfect his hypothesis. Before he could create a perfect summoned creature, the danger from underneath Trentheim exploded. In the end, he and the Queen of Witches chose to sacrifice their lives to seal the entire catacombs.

He also sealed his entire life’s work in the catacombs.

This record was finally given to Brendel by the Deer Demon. In truth, what Brendel got wasn’t the full hypothesis either, since Kelsie never got the chance to perform further experiments and refine it. All he left to Brendel was just a record with gaps.

But that was enough.

Just as Brendel thought, the hypothesis didn’t need to be perfect. He simply needed to use it to its fullest capabilities. Combining that with the experiences of his past life, it wouldn’t be impossible to create a set of the strongest cards that belonged to him alone.

“You want to summon a Planeswalker?” Tuman looked at him and asked nervously.

Brendel nodded.

Tuman immediately looked serious and asked, “But do you know that Kelsie’s method wasn’t perfect? Planeswalker themselves have special privileges. His powers are greater than anything you’ve mentioned. The way he summons Planeswalkers is more like a compromise.”

“I know,” Brendel answered. “What Master Kelsie really did was spread his Planeswalker privileges among his summoned creatures so that they could have the same powers of the Law as he did.”

“This meant he had to face two problems. First, dividing privileges naturally meant decreasing the upper limits to how many cards a Planeswalker could have. Second, because the summoned bein

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