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In fact, the caravan spent the entire morning battling the path along the southern side of Lake Vallendaren, right outside the Anserra Forest, which had long since fallen into disrepair. This path, which had been a commercial path bustling with activity thirty years ago, became a mess as soon as King Oberg the Seventh ascended to the throne. In recent days it’s become better; since there were no signs of commercial caravans, there also weren’t things like bandit groups.

In short, the entire caravan had a morning so busy that nobody had time for lunch and held on until they arrived at Shallow Water Town in the afternoon.

Around three, Brendel could see the outlines of a lakeside town reflected onto the surface of the lake. It glinted in the sunlight —

That was Shallow Water Town.

Shallow Water Town had a deep history in Aouine. Ever since Duke Harding bought the land from the Highlanders in the last century, the immigrants chose that location to set up permanent residence. At the beginning, it provided a place of rest for those coming to seek gold at Falling Needle Hills, and then it gradually developed into a main location that connected Viero, Grinoires, and Lantolinan.

Therefore, for thousands of years the town kept many of its historical inns. Niss’ Pansies and The Trout Pool were two such inns that Brendel was familiar with.

But in the game, the location of the Shallow Water Town wasn’t important. It was important because it was the gateway to Lantonilan, and Lantonilan was rarely opened up to players. Second, in order to get to the only high rank region nearby was the Falling Needle Hills from here, you had to pass through the south part of the Anserra Forest. The mountain roads were tough and players would rather take the longer route and go from Castle Vallendaren instead of this direction.

After all, distance wasn’t a big problem since players could use a teleportation array.

This state of affairs remained until the side quest to the ancient castle at Weiston was released and Flame of Golden Ice, the Nine Phoenix Holy Blade, was revealed to the world. Then a massive amount of players congregated upon the place. But the good times didn’t last long. Very soon after, the third War of the Black Roses broke out, and what happened after that was common knowledge.

When he thought about that, Brendel couldn’t help but look up at somewhere between the mountain ranges. The Goldfinch Mountain and Anserra’s Sapphire Mountain Ranges intersected here, and the two largest peaks east from here were their largest peaks, respectively. Underneath those peaks was the Nietchenil Gap and the ancient Weiston Castle was hidden in the woods northward from there.

The legendary holy sword Flame of Golden Ice was hidden in the grounds below the castle.

That was one of Brendel’s targets, but for now, he wasn’t planning on touching that item. Come to think of it, the area around Fallen Needle Hills were filled with high ra

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