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The Heart of Frost was not an equipment, neither was it an Enhancement Crystal or any type of material or a decorative gem. It was just a consumable item whose only use was to increase the user’s wind and water element pool by 5%, but it could only be used once in a user’s life.

Something like this was, undoubtedly, the type of loot that Brendel needed right now.

In fact, it could be the most critical part of his path as a Planeswalker, something that Tuman didn’t imagine — equipment, special items, consumable things that could help users level up, or enhancement crystals. Warndt had many equipment and enhancers like the Heart of Frost or Star of Flames that could expand an element pool — of course, in order to balance things out, with the exception of a few divine artifacts or ancient relics, any of the similar magical items or fantasy items wouldn’t raise the element pool by much.

But don’t forget, Brendel himself was special.

Because he had two element pools, the effect of these items on him was doubled. For example, though the Heart of Frost expanded wind and water element pools by 5%, the effect for him would actually be an 10% increase.

Twice the increase was enough to shift the original balance.

Brendel even thought that Marsha was exceptionally good to him. Since the Stained Frost Forest Labyrinth was the most well known side quest in Aouine centered around frost beings, Brendel had been fairly certain even before starting the quest that he’d pick up something to expand his wind and water element pools. Still, he hadn’t expected the surprise to come this quickly.

The Heart of Frost only had a dropping rate of 0.003% in the game. That meant the region produced, on average, a single Heart of Frost every one to two months. But this time they only vanquished 20-30 frost demons and got one. According to the rules of the game, this could be considered unnaturally lucky.

More importantly, Maynild was the one who had gotten it. In Brendel’s heart, he considered Maynild to be just as unlucky as Bai Jia had been.

After enjoying the sense of extreme happiness, Brendel immediately used the Heart of Frost. The two element pool’s wind and water stats immediately showed:

[Wind… wind… water… water…]

Brendel knew that the algorithm for expanding element pools in game calculated equipment, enhancement crystals, and levelling up independently. In addition to directly increasing the basic stats, everything else would be modified by a multiplier. Therefore, he wasn’t that concerned about the order of application.

But due to the element pool expanding, the system signaled that his card pool also increased to… something that was a welcome surprise.

Because this indirectly proved his hypothesis —

The Planeswalker path he planned for himself had been formed on the basis of using eight or more Planeswalker creatures to quickly build up an advantage on the battlefield. Every one of them would be a Planeswalk

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