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Chapter 745 v4c121

Eternity (22)

In less than a minute before Laurenna spoke, the hunter maiden seemed to have lost her soul as she rushed forward, her thin body was stumbling in the bitterly cold wind, as if like a kite with a broken string that would fall into the crag at any time.

If Medissa had not been instructed by Brendel to follow this lady, it might actually happen.

But Peya did not care about these anymore, she finally found her brother’s figure under the ice wall in front of her, the exact same place she saw in her dream. She saw her brother lying in crushed ice as if he was asleep.

The hunter maiden let out a low roar almost beast-like, a few days worth of repressed feelings finally exploded at this moment, she rushed forward as if she had gone crazy. She did not care about the steep ice and difficult terrain at that moment, her palms were soon cut by sharp ice picks, and striking red blood was smeared across the walls of ice in a straight line. What was moving forward was Peya, who was climbing upward as if she were a female leopard.

Not to mention whispering to warn Peya to be careful, Medissa was surprised to find herself unable to keep up with the other party. She only saw Peya madly rushing over to where her brother was lying, her black hair flying in the wind as if it were a black rose in bloom.

And it was at this time that the little Silver Elf Princess suddenly felt the ice beneath her feet begin to tremble slightly-

She subconsciously looked up as a conspicuous crack spread over her head, heading straight for Peya in front of her.

“Watch out, Peya!”

Laurenna’s shout traveled, and then a loud click was heard, the ice above Peya’s head crumbled down, collapsing. Almost everyone saw a flash of white shadow, and the next thing they saw was the hunter maiden falling into the hands of someone else.

It was a knight.

Seibers Ansu was holding a longsword in his left hand with finger guards, the cold blade of the longsword resting on Peya’s neck. As for the hunter maiden, she seemed to be enchanted as she was frozen there, without a single movement in her eyes.

“Who are you guys?”

Brendel was yet to see Seibers speak, but the rumbling voice had been like rolling thunder that swept through the crowd. Even the Ash Sword Saint, Veronica, and the two Dragons felt as if they were facing a real giant at that moment, so they looked up.

“……Who are you again?” Among all of them, only Aloz made it to ask a question.

But the little female Dragon frowned, with an extremely unpleasant expression. Ever since Brendel had known her, he had never seen her display such seriousness.

“Who am I?”

The knight standing beside Peya repeated the question, his tone seemed a little uncertain, but his voice still swept unmercifully across the crowd. His thundering voice made everyone present go pale.

Seibers frowned. The Miirnas and humans do not look very different from the outside, but

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