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Eternity (28)


Brendel remembered his own talent inherited from the Darkness Dragon, but what did the Fool really mean? From the description of Seibers at this moment, was it a savior? Or someone with a fanatical spirit of self-sacrifice? Brendel felt like he was neither, nor did he want to be. Except for Aouine in his memory, this world was perhaps not as relatable to him as he thought.

But the question was, why did the Darkness Dragon choose him, or was it simply his luck that he happened to stumble upon it?

This answer was not so tenable, perhaps for thousands of years, there were not many people who could touch the Sealing Stone of the Darkness Dragon, maybe only extremely few could, but why did Odin not choose Amman? Was it because Amman is the sacrifice of the Holy Cathedral of Fire? This reason might not be correct, because it could be seen from Seibers’ description that Odin probably did not have the prejudice against the Four Saints and their descendants like how people thought.

“You are saying that I understand the meaning of ‘fools’, but I do not understand.” Brendel replied somewhat cautiously, it must be said that he was still worried that if he answered so, Seibers would choose to withdraw the heritage of the Darkness Dragon. This heritage undoubtedly still meant a lot to him. Whether it was a great power itself, or the support of the Witches behind it, of which the former in particular, has helped him defeat powerful enemies many times, and Barbara and her followers were also a potentially powerful force.

No one knew better than Brendel how well the Witches understood the world.

But he had to ask the question clearly, the sight that Seibers showed today was beyond his understanding, making him realize the great secret hidden behind the world. The ‘Fool’ gift could be hiding a great crisis. What if Seibers told me that if I inherited the Fool’s gift, then I must inherit the responsibility to save the world? What choice should I make? Brendel felt that he was not yet that capable.

Seibers’ eyes were filled with Soul Fire for a moment.

“You will come to understand.” He replied slowly.

“What?” This answer was unexpected to Brendel. The King of the Frost Knights had been playing games with him, and this tone of certainty reminded him of the wrinkled faces beneath the tents of those gypsies, the Mirrnas’s culture that revered mystery. In their eyes, fate was unknowable yet certain, there was no chance of anything but a certainty. But Brendel – Sophie’s double soul could not accept this answer, if this was a task, then he should have the right to know everything, to make a choice, not having to play along with some hide-and-seek or guessing game.

If that was, he was still in the world of The Amber Sword.

He stared at the other man with a look of determination signaling that he would not rest until he got an answer.

But Seibers had expected this, ” ‘Fools’

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