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A Bet

The effective range of the Ice Breath was about thirty feet, the Revitalizing Magic was poorly perceived, and his level was theoretically a little higher than the entry level of the Holy Cathedral of the Sleeper. That was why Brendel approached about twenty-five feet or so before stopping. Ciel was also behind; the Mage’s sneaking ability was far inferior to the Warrior class occupations, let alone compared with the Night Swallows. But magic could solve this trouble, he used a Law of sound absorption to eliminate the sound of his footsteps completely, so his footsteps now sounded a bit lighter than Brendel’s.

The next was Scarlet. Brendel could not convince this mountain girl, so he had to let her follow. Fortunately, Scarlet was not weak, and she had Dragon blood. It would be hard for her if she had to conceal noise in front of scouting magic creatures, but in the face of Icy Breath, the half-deaf, half-blind thing, it was not a problem for her.

But Brendel looked back again and saw the two sneaky faces of Aloz and Shitah.

“What are you doing here?” Brendel glared at them without good grace.

“Afraid I’ll lose my toys.” Aloz replied rightfully.

“She forced me to come along.” Shitah replied helplessly.

Brendel was a bit speechless. If he had known, he might as well have brought everyone along to break the siege. It’s a nightmare to lure the monsters together with all these four or five people. He could only gesture furiously at Aloz, “Listen to my command later.”

“What kind of attitude is that!” The little female dragon seemed to be very dissatisfied, but after squirming for a moment she added, “…but if it makes sense, I’ll consider it.”

Brendel snorted softly, hiding behind the first pillar and pointing to the other side and said, “Look over there, the Icy Breath’s attack in ray form, the range is about one hundred and twenty feet, their way of moving is flying, moving speed is about fifteen feet per second. We have five chances to avoid them through the pillar, so their own speed can not reach more than twelve feet per second, so be good and retreat.”

With that, he turned back to look at the others.

But Aloz looked at him as if Brendel was an idiot, “What are you looking at?”

“I’m asking a question.” Brendel replied.

“Are you an idiot? We are Dragons.” The little female dragon replied impatiently, “We can walk faster than you can run.”

“Him too?” Brendel pointed at the little fatty beside Aloz.

“Lord, although I don’t like sports much, I’m still faster than you anyhow.” Shitah replied in a jarred voice as he rubbed his tummy.

Brendel couldn’t help but rub his face, feeling a little blundered. Giant Dragons, as a Golden Race and a combat-oriented race, were naturally physically competent. He knew that of course, but he asked the question out of habit of being the head of the army. He looked at Scarlet again, but the mountain maiden did not answer. She

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