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Chapter 713 v4c90 Salvation(5)

When the Black Knights galloped through the forest they seemed like a black whirlwind, just strangely silent. The Skeletal War Horses’ hooves fell against the grass as lightly as if they were floating in mid-air. All that was visible was the green Soul Fire that floated up and down along with their bodies.

Brendel stared intently at the blades in their hands.

“You cannot escape,” Brendel heard Viscount Cauldell quack out hysterically. “You should know what choice to make. You’re a smart one. Are you going to abandon everyone you love and everyone who loves in reality, just so you can remain in this illusion of a dream?”

“I know you understand what is real. You’re a strong one and definitely not weak. You need to learn how to let go.

“You’re not a selfish boy anymore. You understand your duties.”

“You shut up. Someone who’s lost has no right to lecture me about responsibilities.” Brendel’s figure flashed and the activating Dash allowed him to smash into one of the Black Knights like a rhinoceros. The Black Knight didn’t realize at all that this weak human would attack first. The Soul Fire in its eyes immediately lit up, but it was too late. Brendel already pressed a hand against its iron helmet and dragged it off the war horse.

With a loud bang, the Black Knight was yanked off the horse and fell onto the ground.

Brendel used Flash to appear right behind them. The Black Knights were startled and once again turned their ride around to surround Brendel. Brendel raised his head to examine the situation around him. He looked regretful when the Black Knight he had yanked off the horse fixed his helmet and then climbed up again. Peak Silver Ranker was too weak; he could only catch them off guard. If he had the elemental powers, that strike should have turned the Black Knight into a flattened metal pancake.

Brendel immediately raised Halran Gaia and shouted to Haruz standing nearby. “Haruz, take your sister and go. You should know where to go.”

Haruz froze in shock for a moment and then looked astounded at Brendel. He shook his head vigorously, “Teacher, what about you?”

“I’ll be right there,” Brendel answered confidently.


“No talking back. This is an order. Now scram!” Brendel shouted angrily.

The little prince jumped in fear. Before he could say anything, the princess grabbed his hand. Princess Gryphine looked in Brendel’s direction and ordered the knights around her, “Go help him. Whatever you do, he has to live.”

The two knights immediately nodded and rushed in with their swords drawn.

But Brendel looked at the two knights and shook his head. They wouldn’t make a difference. He raised his head and gestured at the Black Knights, shouting, “Fools, let me see if that Mercury Staff of your Emperor is really that powerful.”

High level Undead had intelligence, so they naturally couldn’t accept this insult to their Emperor. Some of the Black Knights’ e

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