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Chapter 721 v4c98 Two Dragons?(1)

The snow and ice were like a knife’s tip, flickering under light and freezing to the bones. The forest trees on both sides of the glacier were shaped like ice crystals, and the wind was blowing through the forest floor, carrying with it the sound of tiny breaths. Freya clasped her hands, staring at the white glacier below. Black spots were scattered around, a group of about a few hundred people was struggling to move forward, the scene looming in her vision, sometimes obscured by the swirling snowstorm. The future Valkyrie frowned, her eyebrows covered with snowflakes. She was wearing a thick cloak, which almost completely hid the furred armor underneath. The armor looked similar to that of a forest hunter.

Extending to a wider vision, hundreds of soldiers in the same silvery cloaks were hidden in the bushes, motionless and nearly the same color as the snowdrifts from afar. Maynildlooked at the time, her pocket watch was nearly cackling from the cold, but the hands were still accurate.She handed it to Freya. “Is that them?” “That’s them.” Freya nodded in confirmation, seeing that those people were almost the same as what Brendel had described and that there should not be a third force in the area.

“What great luck, that smatterer lord of theirs guessed it.” Not far behind Freya, several Kirrlutznobles were squatting down, whispering to each other. Beneath the white cloak was a pale, blonde young man, no more than twenty-one or twenty-two years old, but the insignia on his collar indicated that he was an official knight leader. He said, with a mixture of unconcern and amusement, and a low chuckle ensued. Another laughed, “But I can’t believe that Veronica took that guy’s advice and gave that little girl full command.

The others then shrugged their shoulders. “Just watch, she doesn’t know how to give commands, how can we charge from this distance, this is glacial terrain, not hills or plains.” The blonde young man shook his head.

“Browder, I’ve heard they are cadets who graduated from Aouine’s Royal Cavalry Academy.”

“I see.” Browder raised his brows. The distance here was the same as the fixed distance on the handbook, but the Aouine soldiers must have lacked experience in fighting on the snowy plains, as tactics should be adapted to their local conditions. This woman is just stuck to that inflexible Dogmatism.

“Let’s wait for the show.” He took a look over there, seeing that they were good soldiers, he did not think they would disobey orders. But he assumed that the other side would fail and could not help but take a somewhat unconcerned glance in that direction. “Be prepared. The other side may discover us first, but they are nothing more than private soldiers of the Aouine nobles, just some dirty dogs. That lord has some sense, it’s probably just a cannon fodder troop down there, we shouldn’t run into any trouble.”

“He’s probably trying to train his commanders, just to bring us

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