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Chapter 729 v4c105 Eternity(6)

Demonic Waves – Magic Tides

Arreck’s only response was a deafening silence. The duke’s expression was still as fierce as ever, but there was a subtle furrow of his brows, as well as the flighty look in his eyes. He was starting to fear if the dragon was still here.

However, seeing that he received no response to his provocation, Arreck internally breathed out a sigh of relief. Unlike Brendel, he did not know of any dragons infamous for their cowardice. He had actually seen a dragon when he was younger, on the battlefield of the Holy War. He had seen with his own two eyes the draconian steed of His Majesty Granddotius the Great. Ever since Flame King Gretel, the royal family of Kirrlutz followed the tradition of forming an alliance with the dragons, which became part of the reason most countries feared this kingdom.

The dragon’s evident pride had left a lasting impression on Arreck, thus he did not suspect that there was a cowardly yet cunning dragon trying to get rid of them sneakily. Noticing that their lord’s expression had slightly relaxed, one of the mages spoke, “My lord, the dragon might have outsmarted us this time. It might have placed the trap on the ceiling instead of the ground. Please allow us more time to check the area again.”

Arreck nodded his head and added on, “Make haste, we don’t know when that bastard of a lizard is coming back.”

The mages nodded their head in acknowledgment. It did not take them long to discover a Magic Array on the cavern ceiling. After looking more into the array, the mages found out that it was a Teleportation Array.

This meant that the poor souls who had stumbled into the array had been sent to some forsaken corner of the world.

“How can this be? Transportation Arrays must receive the consent of the person before they can be transported! This is going against the basic laws of magic!” The mages were fervently wondering about this phenomenon.

In the layer of ice above their heads, Shitaht was laughing his head off. Due to the thickness of the ice, the people in the hall below still had no idea of his presence.

The reason the magic could be activated was that the array’s area of effect was a sphere. As long as Shitaht was within the sphere, the magic could be activated if he continued saying, “Yes! I agree! Activate!” Just like that, he could sit around idly while the pestering Black Knights were teleported away.

As for why Shitaht was not affected by the magic, this was because the Transportation Array had its limits. For example, if the array could only affect objects up to four pounds, something weighing six pounds would not be affected by the array. Within its vicinity, the array would only affect objects that were within its limitations.

A dragon-sized mass of meat and bones was definitely well beyond the range of a Transportation Array.

Shitaht could not quite remember where the array led to, but he knew that it was s

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