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Chapter 737 Eternity (14)

The intertwining ice gaps were deep and winding, like the veins of a giant beast intricately distributed under the glacier, but there was no blood pulsing inside, only darkness and silence. Drops of water dripped down from the icicles that were a few feet long, occasionally emitting a tinkling sound that broke the silence.

Sudden footsteps intruded into the dream-like silence, stumbling as if being chased, as if it were chasing something. It passed through ice caves one by one, and then a young man came into view, a young man with dark skin, tattered clothing, still with blood smeared all over. But under the long messy hair was a pair of shining eyes.

Yaruta was panting heavily, since entering the Stained Frost Forest Labyrinth, the sword wound on his body had never been healing, the fever persisted, the surrounding scenery was sometimes clear and sometimes blurred in his view. When he fell sicker, the ice-blue pillars even had double shadows in his eyes, but in the midst, he could always see a figure that was sometimes far away and sometimes close.

It seemed to be a person, but it was always only its back view. For two weeks, it had been floating indefinitely in front of him as if there was a magic force urging him to cross the forest and the glacier. He kept following behind it and arrived here.

But Yaruta was having a throbbing headache, his mind was foggy, and could not remember much, but he at least remembered his father, his sister, the hunter who died that day outside the Stained Frost Forest Labyrinth. That hunter was huddled under the wagon, blood flowing from the wound on his chest and abdomen, his body getting weaker and weaker, lighter and lighter as if he was about to lose all consciousness anytime.

A voice entered his mind, and all he could remember was a neutral, emotionless voice,

“Do you want to live, mortal? Stand up if you want to live.”

“Help me…… Please help me ……,” Yaruta remembered groaning in his daze, but got no answer. He coughed as hard as he could, “You want to save me?”

“I can’t save you, but someone can.”

“……” Yaruta opened his mouth wide, feeling almost out of breath, let alone speaking. But then a cold breath from his chest spread out, restoring some of his sanity.

“You must come to me, fine me, and you can only save yourself if you do as I say.”

“I will give you shelter for the time being, but you do not have much time.”

A sliver of power was injected into Yaruta’s body; he barely opened his eyes for a moment to see a huge, pale blue, imaginary image standing in front of him which was like a ghost. But he did not have the strength to lift his head to look at its face, he only managed to see the loose robes.

“Why did you save me, where are the others?”

“You and your sister, perhaps, have some connection with The Twelfth inheritance. But that’s not the point, you need my help, and I need yours.”

“Sister?” Yaruta got unsettled

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