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v4c68 Milos’ Breath

Despite saying that time was running out, Brendel’s team ended up being delayed for another day at the Nugan River. Luckily, female hunter Peya’s health was outstanding, and the fever quickly subsided and the wounds recovered incredibly quickly.

Brendel did not know if this was a special gift for hunters, but on the third morning, the team had to leave anyway at his request. He summoned a black wolf to serve as a mount for the greatly ailing female hunter, and as for everyone else, they had to go down to the ground on foot. The wagons and horses were left among the makeshift camps on the banks of the Nugan River, for the journey below was no longer fit for these to join.

A day into the forest, the coniferous forest soon became dense, the snow-covered boughs cascading at times even blocking the sunlight and making the forest floor eerily cold. The team creaked on the snow and broken dead branches, some minaret-shaped white rocks soon appeared on the forest floor, and then a light blue curtain of light reflected in everyone’s vision, it was like a thin wall of light, this translucent wall of light towering into the clouds, covering the entire forest, and connected with white rock minarets not far away.

Everyone could not help but stop and watch this spectacle. But only Brendel knew that this light blue curtain of light was the entrance to this pre-quest, Milos’s Dying Breath. In the game, this curtain of light was called the ‘EP Binding’ and was the symbol of the 80th level quest (character level).

After this curtain of light, there was that famous giant quest cluster.

Aside from the time of the Magical Golden Tree, this was the first time Brendel had ever challenged this quest in Vaunte. In Amber Sword, the quests worked quite differently than most games of the same period, and it was nothing more than a convention for players to use the term.

A quest in Amber Sword is better called a scene area than a quest. For that is the only word that accurately defines it.

The quests that Brendel was familiar with operated in several ways, the first being a one-time quest where only the first player to challenge it would have the opportunity to obtain the quest. The Forbidden Garden of the Magical Golden Tree, for example, the later player could kill the boss repeatedly through pieces of time, but they are doomed to be untouched by the scenario.

The second one was a typical scenario area with this giant quest group they were now facing. Such a giant quest group operated in a very classic manner and could be said to have set a precedent in the gaming industry at the time, where the quest still only had one or a few fixed main lines, but in other front areas, it was not the ‘monster-in-the-doors boss’ one-way advancement mode that the average player was familiar with.

Instead, copies like Milos’s Dying Breath are divided into two areas. Each area consisted of a point and a surface. The points were w

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