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v4c74 Legacy of the Skeleton (1)

“Don’t be nervous.” Brendel sighed, “Even if it did, it’s already dead. This magic pet is ownerless, and what killed the warrior was the spell attached to this pet, I think this guy should be the party that invaded that day. The mage left behind in the Mage Tower should be dead himself after killing his companion, but he passed the last spell to his magic pet and killed this guy.”

He was actually talking about the analysis of the player who discovered all of this, but he looked back at Haruz and asked, “You know this guy?”

Although he asked this, he felt somewhat unlikely in his heart. Haruz is so young, and this skeleton should be at least a century old.

But he did not expect the little prince to frown, shaking his head and nodding again, “I don’t know, I think I’ve seen this armor there before.”


Brendel looked towards the armor and found no obvious markings on the armor, and the style was very ordinary, except that it looked like it should be magic armor. But after taking a second look, he suddenly realized something was wrong.

All along, he and the player had been preconceived that this skeleton was a human, but he suddenly realized a problem, What if this guy didn’t become this way after death, but is just as he is?

For example-

It was a skeleton.

The Black Rose of Bromantonu.

Brendel knew at once why the young prince was familiar with this skeleton’s armor. It was because this armor was a very ordinary Aouine military armor, such armor was almost everywhere within this kingdom’s army, but there was one problem: all armors should have the emblem of the army it belonged to carved on it.

But there was only one kind of exception. Most of the skeleton soldiers after being transformed by the Undead, would wear their armor that rusted away in life until they were promoted to the rank of the Bone Knight or even higher. The Corpse Mage would then have the crypt craftsman smooth out the emblems on their armor and enchant them.

That kind of armor would look exactly like what was in front of them.

But it could not be fully confirmed yet.

He looked back at the young prince and said, “Madara?”

He saw the young prince creep out and nodded vigorously, “Right, that one! I’ve seen similar armors on their envoys at Winterclaw Castle, and I’ve asked my sister why Madara’s armor is the same as ours-”

Then it surely is.

Brendel himself could not be sure, as his memories on certain things would not be as clear as an native’s. If the young prince remembered it that way, then it was highly likely.

He took a step back and said, “Whether or not it is, just check it out and we’ll see. Lord Marsha said that grace is scattered across the earth and that a warrior should return to his homeland, but the gift he left behind in life is a reward for those who come after him.”

“If it is a warrior-” he added.

Then Brendel looked to Firas, and the young ma

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