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Chapter 704 v4c82 A Ball In the Past(3)

What was going on? Whose memory was this? Brendel didn’t have clear memories of the Aouine capital. In his memory of the capital, the grand palace was burning in the flames, the city walls had collapsed, and all the creatures were swallowed by an ocean of fire.

He could still recall the screams of pain and the pleas for mercy that surrounded him then.

But it hadn’t been this happy.

Brendel glanced over at the little prince beside him. This must be Haruz’s memory. Princess Gryphine and her brother lived at Monsterros for a long time in history. Haruz was familiar with it and this might be some summertime celebration in his memories.

Brendel looked up and saw the Lyra constellation in the southern hemisphere, which confirmed that it was a summer night.

But he was puzzled as to why the little prince’s memory could be tied to the memory of the person without a name. How did the assassination in that collapsing dream connect withthis happy dream?

Without letting his thoughts show, Brendel continued walking forward. A crowd was gathering along the boulevard. There were all kinds of people there, but everyone mostly ignored Brendel and the little prince. That was normal. Everyone’s memory of details was vague. These people existed in the memory, but their existence was fleeting and Haruz probably didn’t remember any of them clearly.

He led Haruz past the crowd and paid attention to the details of the celebration. Just then, a horse carriage drove by in the dark. It was a pitch-black four-wheeled horse carriage, the kind that glided past as soundlessly as a ghost; the kind that nobles used. Brendel saw the insignia on the walls of the carriage and shuddered.

“Teacher, that’s Viscount Benniger –” The little prince recognized it as well. It seemed like he remembered the person who betrayed his sister quite well. He gripped a corner of Brendel’s shirt in worry and warned in a quiet voice.

Brendel nodded.

Haruz was still a bit confused. His tiny brows furrowed and he muttered to himself, puzzled. “That’s strange, Viscount Benniger’s insignia shouldn’t have holly leaves. I – I thought that was a pattern only counts could have…”

“Oh… this is a dream. I – I forgot again. I’m sorry.”

His unintentional words made Brende’s heart leap.

His brow suddenly furrowed. He clearly remembered a detail. Count Brenninger – there had indeed been such a title in history. After Her Royal Highness triumphed over the North, Anouine saw a glimmer of hope for peace. Then there were five years of development. Though there were occasional conflicts with madara, the years progressed peacefully in that other timeline.

Then the second War of the Black Roses arrived.

Brendel felt a sharp pain in his heart. The War Goddess died in battle after the Battle of the Crimson Valley and the situation turned against Her Royal Highness. In order to support her own forces against Duke Arreck, v

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